10 ~ When I Come Around

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Title Credit: Green Day


    I open my eyes and groan. Last night was a late one, but of course I’m still waking up before nine. I’m glad me and Brandon got to talk a lot, but they had another venue to get to. That’s how it goes.

    I freeze when I hear a sound of footsteps in the house. Jess is never up this early. It’s got to be some kind of an intruder.

    I grab a thick book and venture out into the hallway, where I carefully make my way to Jess’s room. I creak the door open and she’s not there. Instead, upon investigation, she’s cooking in the kitchen.

    “Holy SHIT. You’re cooking.” I sit down at the table and set down the book.

    “Shut up, I wanted to do something nice for you. Why do you have the encyclopedia of dogs with you?”

    “Catching up on some thrilling reading.” I put some pancakes onto a plate and pour syrup excessively. I check twitter as I eat.


@AlexAllTimeLow: Sometimes, when you make a mistake, you’re super sorry for it. But you don’t know how to make up for it.

@AlexAllTimeLow: So you just have to show you still care and you’ll try and get over the little things you do when you love someone.

@AlexAllTimeLow: You'll do anything for the ones you love.

@AlexAllTimeLow: In other news, super proud of my girl @MaddieBTK! Wish I could have been there with her.


    My heart is melting. I forgive him. I forgive him a million times over. I’m not big on grudges anyways, I fucking love him.


@MaddieBTK: @AlexAllTimeLow is hecka sweet. I want to cuddle him :(


@CrownTheMarissa: @MaddieBTK I saw you at the show last night! LOVED IT!!!

@BananaBreadLove: @BurnTheKindOfficial might be my new favorite band

@OloberAtTheDisco: @BurnTheLeo is soo cute :((

@Farnimity: @MaddieBTK you have a lovely voice!

@YoureNotASepherd: Why can’t I find any of @burnthekingofficial’s music??

@BryanStars: Who’s Burn The King?


    “LEO!” I yelled followed by a bang and him groaning from upstairs. I giggle and walk up the stairs to his room, where he’s lying on the floor.

    “What the F U C K?” He yells back at me.

    “You have fangirls.”


    “Twitter thinks you’re the cutest in the band. So you have the most fangirls. Fangirls need things to fangirl over, so you have a photo shoot booked with the same one that’s doing a band one next week.”

    “But- why- when?”

    “Tomorrow morning at eight. Jordan said we deserve a break from practice so you can sleep all day today I guess, just know we’re going to start laying down the tracks for our ep as soon as we’re all ready.”

    “I hate you. Go away.” He covers his face with a pillow.

    “Love you too, lazy-ass. I’ll see you later.”

    I leave and start driving, realizing I don’t know where I’m going. After a bit of thought I pull over and call Alex.


    “Hey Alexis.”

    “Alexis! I haven’t heard that one in a long time!

    I giggled softly. “Thought I’d bring it back. How’s tour so far?”

    “It’s going really good. We’ve sold out a lot of the shows.

    “That’s so great. Is Jack going as crazy as ever?”

    “Actually… He’s been weird. I think he misses having a relationship. As much as he denies it I think he’s getting tired of meaningless sex.

    “When was the last time he had a girlfriend?”

    “A long ass time ago.

    “Well… I’ll never give up on him and Jess. She’s single and everything.”

    “She sounds like his only hope, at this point.

    “Is it cold in the UK?”

    “Very. You should bring like three jackets when you come to london.

    “Oh, that’s right, I need to start looking into making a reservation at a hotel.”

    “I got all that stuff, hon. Just make sure you’re at the airport when I tell you your flight is. Nineteen more days. They’ll fly by.


a/n: this story will actually be rlly long wow I have a lot vaguely* planned

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