Heather Chandler x Fem! Reader - Drain cleaner?!

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You feared Heather Chandler, just as much as everyone else at Westerburg who was considered unpopular. That was until, one day. It was a regular day, and to skip a little of your class, you decided to take a trip to the bathroom. Not exactly a glamorous place to be, but anywhere was better than Math.

You waltzed in, expecting no one to be around, that was until you accidentally walked into one of the Heathers and almost had a heart attack. And you weren't lucky enough to walk into someone kinder, such as McNamara or even Veronica Sawyer. It had to be Chandler, didn't it? Just your luck.. You dropped your bag and she dropped her makeup. Terrified, you apologised profusely. As fast as you could, you picked up your bag, and even Chandler's things for her. You were about to leave, when you felt a strong hand hold you back, tugging on your wrist. Confused, you turned around to see Chandler looking at you. She pulled you back aggressively, as though she owned you.
"Nobody walks into Heather Chandler and gets away that easily." She said, anger seeping from her tone.
"W-wait a second Heather.." McNamara stuttered out.
"What is it now Heather?" She aggressively responded.
"She does look kind of pretty, right? Her face is symmetrical. If I took a meat cleaver down the centre of her skull, I'd have matching halves, that's very important.." Mac muttered out.
"I guess so.. A little bit of makeup, and fixing up, and she'd make a good Heather. Consider this your punishment, and your blessing." Heather commanded.
You nodded nervously and just let it happen.

And that was how you became a Heather. And also, the time you almost had a heart attack, mainly because of how close Chandler was to you. You'd always found her attractive, as did everyone else, but still. As she brushed through your slightly messy hair and applied makeup to your face, you couldn't help but blush. Over time, you'd even developed quite the crush on her, but you never intended to tell her. It truly was a nightmare and a dream come true.

So, tonight was Ram's homecoming party, and Heather said to go around to her place, to pick out your outfit. She always said you couldn't accessorise for shit. It was a fair enough comment, and you certainly didn't mind going round to Heather's any day. It was a nice place, but even more so, she was incredibly attractive. She'd picked an incredible purple outfit for you, being that your colour was purple.

The party was absolutely mental, everyone was drunk and high, you'd had the time of your life. However, somehow, you were drunker than Chandler was.. She had always had a little crush on you, but was worried you wouldn't feel the same. Either way, she couldn't leave you stranded with a bunch of horny, drunk dudes. She carried you, bridal style, to her Porsche, where she drove you back to her place. She was already drunk driving, and couldn't be bothered to drive you home. Smiling at your peacefully asleep face, she carried you into her place, where she let you share a bed with her. I mean, you could've figured out she loved you, by that alone. She changed, but left you clothed, mostly out of respect for you.

You woke up around 4 or 5 in the morning. It was hard to tell. Honestly, your hangover was raging and you had absolutely no idea where you were, until you saw Heather's face next to yours. As you tried to move a little, you realised her arm was wrapped around your waist. The affection didn't bother you at all, well. It made you blush rather a lot, but you just snuggled up closer to her, feeling her grip loosen a little.

A few hours later, maybe around 11am, you awoke again. This time JD and Veronica were stood over the two of you. JD was holding a mug with some sort of substance that he claimed was a hangover cure. Since yours was raging, you took it out of his hand, and were about to drink it, until you smelt it. You recoiled at the chemical smell. Angry and hungover, you loudly slurred, "What the hell Veronica?! This is just fucking drain cleaner!"
"W-What?!" Veronica stuttered back.
"She said, it's fucking drain cleaner! What's your damage, Veronica?! Trying to kill me or her?" Heather stepped in, feeling the need to stand up for you.
"I-I didn't know.. I thought it was just orange juice or something.." She responded sadly.
"Just get out of my house! And you too Jesse James!" Heather screamed, angrily.
The two of them fled, god knows where to.

Heather's screaming had freaked you out a little, but her soft smile at you put you at ease again.
"Sorry, they're mental.." She apologised.
"It's alright, at least I smelt it first. Might've died otherwise.." You replied sadly, thinking of your narrowly avoided demise.
"I need to tell you something. The thought that you might die before I could tell you, hurts. So, I love you, a lot." She confessed, rushing the confession out of embarrassment.
"I-I love you too.." You replied, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
Heather pinned you down on her bed and kissed you passionately, eventually having to pull away for air. You laid down next to each other, and you groggily said, "Hey Heather, can we go back to sleep for a bit..? I'm tired still and my head hurts.."
"Sure, my head hurts too." She replied, smiling at you.
She held you close to her, and the two of you fell asleep, happy your love was reciprocated.

A/N - Sorry if this one isn't too good. The next one'll be better :)

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