Chapter 2: year 1

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I walked up and sat in front of everyone so I could see them and they could see me "okay so my first year I was sorted in to Gryffindor then I was attacked by a troll in the girls bathroom Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley saved me by knocking the troop out with its own club that is when we all became friends Harry had a theory that Snape had let the troll in and was after the sorcerers stone but we later find out that to be wrong we went to save the stone cause no one would believe that someone was after it so we got passed a three headed dog devil's snare catch a flying key played a giant size game of chess and a potion riddle and then Harry went on to discover quraill was the one after the stone and that he had Voldemort possessing the back of his head he fought and killed quraill I was doved the smartest witch of my age and me Ron and Harry we're doved as the golden trio that is all that happened my first year and it only gets more interesting so second year....

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