Chapter 14 : Boar.. Demon?..

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"Woah..! Mother..! Mother..! Look! It's a teddy bear..! But.. Why does it have a big tail??"

The seven year-old girl cheered, observing the adorable creature in the distance with glimmering eyes.

A slight chuckle came from behind her as she kneeled down. Soft rustling of the dried leaves on the ground can be heard as well.

"(Y/N) dear, that's not a teddy bear. It's true it has a brown color, but it doesn't mean every animal with brown-colored fur is a bear!" A gentle voice overcame the little girl's ears, which made her flinch and pout in embarrassment.

"I-I know that! I was just testing y-you..!" She cried out in defense. Her mother chuckled once again seeing the adorable expression her daughter make.

It was yet another beautiful day where usually the lovely child and her dear mother went outside the village to get some herbs from the nearest forest. After all, her family is a merchant who used natural ingredients. Sometimes, the little girl travels with her father, but right now, her father isn't feeling well because of his sickness.

"Well then.. This animal is called a squirrel, (Y/N) sweetheart. They usually loves to collect nuts and keeps them well hidden inside their houses."

"Ooh! I know! So that it won't be stolen by other animals, right??"

Her mother smiled gracefully, stroking her daughter's hair in a soothing feel, making the excited girl relaxed a bit.

"Who knows? Or maybe the squirrel collects the nuts for their family that are still waiting back home?" The eyes of her daughter are still filled with excitement and curiosity. The woman knew that her child has entered the age of where she is very curious to know about the wonders of the world.

..But some things, are better left to be unknown.


"Ow.. Ow..!! My foot!" You winced at the sudden pain coming from your stomach and your feet. It seems that you accidentally twisted your ankle again as your body tripped itself into a new room. While looking to your surroundings, you noticed something really odd.

The room somehow looked different than the time before the ground shook that made you loose your balance.

'What the.. How did..?'

You hold back the aching pain from your ankle as you stood up. Determined to at least find one of your allies inside of this mansion, you slide the wooden door open. You scan the area first, just to make sure no demon is near. Even so, it's pretty useless because the hallway of the mansion is pretty dark to the point where you need to squint your eyes to get a better look.

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