Signs Stranded on a Desert Island

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Taurus: tries to develop a plan to get back.

Scorpio: gathers food and shelter supplies.

Aries: Freaks out.

Leo: Freaks out for a few hours, then tricks themselves into thinking someone's going to come save them.

Cancer: looks for food.

Capricorn: tries to make the situation logical.

Sagittarius: freaks out.

Libra: Looks for shelter supplies.

Virgo: tries to make do out of what they have.

Aquarius: tries to make up a plan.

Gemini: adapts to their surroundings almost immediately and knows where to go for supplies.

Pisces: Doesn't give two shits. probably swimming in the clear blue ocean water or sunbathing in the sand; their logic is, as long as they're not socializing, they're at peace.

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