My Minecraft Journey (#JustWriteIt Story)

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I awoke to sounds of explosions and rocks crumbling to the ground. My body felt heavy as if I was under infinite layers of blankets. As I looked up, I saw homes burning, families running and screaming. Hellish creatures crawling out a purple gateway made of black rocks. I looked to my left and saw men in blue and silver armor with swords the color as their armor. As I got up I realized that was wearing the same silver armor, and the same silver swords as theirs.

"Retreat back to Khaz Modan! We can never defeat "HIM." yelled a man running with an army behind him. I looked around to see where I was, and what caught my eye was a man standing on the Hell Gate. He was wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants, but he had no eyes. I looked directly in his eye sockets, and when I did he turned head towards me and smiled. Before I could do anything I felt a sharp pain in my right arm, and the world around me when black and silent. I was certain that was dead, but that was just the beginning of my journey.

"Wake up!" said a muffled soft voice. As I opened my eyes I come to find a small girl with a grey insect on her shoulder standing next to me. "Where the hell am I?" I asked her in confusion. "You're in Kaz Modan Infirmary. She replied. "We found you wounded and knocked out on the battlefield" I then looked at my right arm, and saw it was covered with bloody bandages and an arrow sticking out of it. I then point my eyes back to the insect on her shoulder and asked her "What is that creature on your shoulder?" she responded by saying "Allow me to introduce ourselves. This is my silverfish Yumi, and I'm Toph!" She then smiled at me. "Who are you?" she asked. "I don't know." I said in confusion. I then pull the arrow out of my arm and left the Infirmary in pain. "You're still wounded!" Toph yelled, "You need to rest!" I then looked back at her and said "I can survive an arrow in the arm", and kept on walking.

Outside the infirmary, the halls were amazing. The floors were made of fine stone bricks, and the walls were made of chiseled obsidian, it was just wonderful. When I got outside of the giant fort of Kaz Modan I really thought I was in a dream because I saw was Dwarves, Halflings, and well, DWARVES! I saw one of the dwarves come to me with an iron pickaxe in his hand, and at that time I actually was afraid. He was a dwarf with an "S" on his chest, and had a huge orange ginger beard. As he came to me, he said with a Scottish accent "Hello there, you must that wounded fellow that we found." I then not felt afraid, but relent and replied back saying "Y...Yes I am and who are, and where I am?" The dwarf gave me a strange look and said "Why, you're in Kaz Modan, the best dwarfian fort in all of Minecraftia, and my name is Honeydew. I then freaked the fuck out and yelled out "I'M IN MINECRAFT!? HOW THE HELL CAN I BE IN MINECRAFT, IT'S JUST A GAME!" Honeydew patted me on the back and explains to what was happening. "It's more than "just a game", it's all real." He said, "Every world someone creates becomes an add-on to this world." When Honeydew said that, an idea popped into my head. "What!" I said, "You said when a Minecraft player creates a world it connections into one huge world, right?" Honeydew nodded at me with confusion, and I excitedly replied "I know a way how I can get back home!" Honeydew gave me a look saying I was crazy, but then he change his look and ask "How is there, young traveler? There's no way to leave to World of Minecraft." "Yes there is." I replied, "I created a world based on Doctor Who's TARDIS where I can travel to different place in time and space." At first, the dwarf gave me a crazy, but then said to me "If you tell thy truth, young traveler then you can leave this god-forsaken land..." "Then that's the plan!" I said with a hopeful feeling. "Now!" said Honeydew, "Where is this "TARDIS" located?" I grabbed a map from a table, and pointed out the direction. "About 89 miles from here. When I said that, Honeydew's smile disappeared. "So that's what Herobrine was protecting..." said Honeydew sadly. When he said that everyone stop what they were doing, and turned towards Honeydew. "What! Did you say Herobrine?" I questioned, "I thought he was just a creepypasta of Minecraft." Honeydew then turned to me and said "No, he's real as you and me, my friend..." I then remembered Honeydew saying Herobrine was protecting that area. "And so he's guarding the area where the TARDIS is?" I asked with fear in my voice. Honeydew paused for a while, and then said "Sadly, yes he is, young traveler..." When he said that, I knew there was going to be a bloody battle to remember in Minecraft history.

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