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Name: karl

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Name: karl

Ocupation: karl is leon butler bodyguard childhood friend and one of his most trusted person

Personality: he is a loyal dog type of person he looks cold and stern on the outside but he is quite gentle and warm he also loves cute things.

Background: he is from a family that served leon family since generation they are loyal they can never tolerate betrayer he was a friend of leon since childhood so he knows the most about leon.

Current age: 19

Sorry for not updating this i was busy with school stuff so i didnt get the time i was going to update the other day but i got so into re watching the anime clock work planet that i forgot about it, Again iam sorry also i have made some changes on leon intro plz re-read it sorry😢

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Editor: this ones finish
Syl: yea
Editor: now wat
Syl: on to the next chap
Editor: mhm
Syl: mob chara
Syl: i can see it u r drooling he has a lover u know
Editor: wai wat
Syl: jk *smirks*maybe
Syl: lets leave
Editor: wait let me go buy a frame
Syl: dont wanna break editors heart
And leaves him alone

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