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Hey guys I'm going to start doing songs for this chapter! That go along w/ everything that's going on in the book, if that makes sense XD
Songs for this chapter:
3. Bleeding love-Leona Lewis
4. All of me- John Legend
1. When I was your man-Bruno Mars
2.And any happy song you'd like! :D
1 week later:
"Everyone around me thinks that I've gone crazy, I was In love only once, and it broke I let it stumble past me now she's seeing another man.." Jeremiah Duggar wrote in his journal.
He got up from his seat and made his way down the stairs but stopped half way when he heard in over going conversation.
"So they called the courtship off?" Erick asked Jed.
"Yeah I guess," Jed said.
"It's kinda good or else I would've never meant her but I do feel bad for Jeremiah.."
"I do to but he kinda deserved the way he treated Lindy."
Jeremiah began to cry. (I'm imagining this right one dear god, please don't let me cry)
Just then Jer heard the shuffling of a key trying to get put into the lock and a laughter of girls.
"Lindy and Bee!" He mumbled running up the stairs closing the door breathing heavy.
4 weeks later:
"I can't believe it's happening!" bee said pacing back and forth in her dressing room.
"It's seen like yesterday we were sliding down the slide, getting dirty and now for getting married," Lindy exclaimed.
"Hey pretty!" Jedidiah walked in giving Bee a side hug. (Them side hugs though..)
"uh, uh you have to go!" taylor said motioning him out.
It had taken almost 2 hours for all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc to be ready.
All the bridesmaids stood in a line.
(Start playing bleeding love!)
Jana came by pairing them up.
"Jer your with Lindy!" She quickly said racing to get back into her position.
Jeremiah quickly locked places with Lindy and they began.
First the flower girls, than the bridesmaids after Andy and John-David had gone it was Lindy's and Jeremiah's turn too go.
Jeremiah gave Lindy a reassuring look ant took one step forward.
After Bee and Jedidiah said they're vows, the pastor said "I now present you Mr and mrs. Jedidiah Duggar you may now kiss the bride.
Jedidiah pulled in kissing Bee.
"Wish that was me and Lindy," Jeremiah thought in his mind.
After Bee and Jed ran off Jeremiah and Lindy ran off..
(Turn on All of me by John legend :D)
20 minutes later:
"I still love you Linds," Jeremiah breathed getting closer to Lindy.
"Jer I have a boyfriend we can't," Lindy out folder her arms.
"But we can," Jeremiah said pressing lips with Lindy.
Jeremiah wasn't suppose to kiss tell he was married-he broke the roles just then Jana, Andy and Taylor opened the door up.
"What are-" Jana began but got cut off by the scene.
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