Memeber sign up!

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Put down in the comments if you want to join and my associate, Gwen or OniTheDragon will discuss!

Rules- you have to love dragons!

You can't harm a dragon in any way!

You can't be too serious, we're here to have fun and not judge each other or take each other too seriously.

Make friends and have fun!

You get three chances, if you break one if he rules.

Chance one. Just a warning.

Chance two. A warning and temporary ban from cult.

Chance three. You will be removed for the club time TBD depending on what you did.

Neither me or Gwen take any shit and will get very mad if you talk back.

But I'm hoping we won't have to be harsh on anyone. Gwen and I are actually super nice if you get to know us, XD.

So, anyway. If you want to join just say "Hi!" And that you wanna join in the comments!


Happy writing!

I hope to see you again!

(P.S. follow my friend Gwen and I to stay updated!)



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