Strange encounter....

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"What a strange girl...why would she go through the trouble to save me...a villain..."

Possessive: demanding someone's total attention and love.

It's strange how being possessive can change your view on things....

Y/n's P.O.V:

I'm Y/n L/n and I'm seventeen years old. This introduction may sound lame but it's how most people start there conversations off.

My Quirk is Levitation, I can levitate stuff with my mind, or with my hands if I'm too lazy to put that much work on my brain. I could also levitate myself if I really wanted to.

I had successfully passed the U.A practical exam, and got a decent grade on the written exam.

I was now happily skipping down the streets, in my U.A uniform, just minding my own business until I saw some rubble from a construction site start to fall, a guy in a black hood walking right underneath it.

I was going to probably be late to school on my first day, but I couldn't leave this situation alone after seeing that he was about to die and no heroes were coming.

Screw not being able to use my Quirk in public yet, I had to save this guy.

I rushed over to him as quickly as possible and I raised my hand and quickly levitated the rubble just mere seconds before it crushed the boy's head. If I had gotten there any later, or decided to levitate the rubble with my mind, the guy probably would've died.

"Thank goodness, I got here just in time. Strange how no heroes were around to help you. Are you alright?" I asked as I levitated the rubble behind him and dropped it.

"Why...did you save me?" His raspy voice spoke as he looked me in the eyes, his eyes squinted as his red pupils were filled with rage.

"Well why not? I want to become a hero, and saving others is part of that job right? I saved you because you could've died, and I didn't want that to happen. This might be horrible of me to say can't really always rely on heroes can you?" I asked, my e/c eyes staring into his soulless, hatred filled eyes.

"....." the man was stunned silent for a moment before answering.

"Did....they abandon you too?"

I laughed, which made him look at me quizzically.

"Abandoned? More like betrayed! My parents were absolute scum! Saying that they would protect me at all costs! But they didn't even come to rescue me when I got attacked by thugs! I called for help and did any heroes come? No! Not one, so I had to defend myself and use my own Quirk. I yelled at my parents that night and left to become a hero at U.A to show my parents that I could be a better hero then they could ever be..." I raged as I looked at the boy with pain in my eyes.

Looking at the boy closely, he had pretty light blue hair, a wrinkled face, and of course those intimidating, yet beautiful red eyes.

The poor guy..getting wrinkles at such a young must be the cause of stress...or worse...the drawback of his Quirk...

"I had a situation just as bad as mine...what would you do if I told you I'm a villain?" The boy suddenly asks. I look at him with a straight face and smile.

"I wouldn't really care. After all, villains are human too, so they can be saved by heroes even if the two are sworn enemies."

The boy tilted his head in interest, as if thinking about something.

"My I said...was quite similar as yours is...except that it happened when I first received my Quirk. I went to hug my mother and father without knowing my Quirk, and as soon as my fifth finger touched both of them, the disintegrated right before my eyes, their hands the only things remaining. I called for help, crying. But did a hero come to save me? No! They abandoned me and my callings to them. But then someone came to me, someone who showed me something extraordinary. He was my hero..and now I live my days as a villain, hating heroes, with my fathers hand resting on my face." The boy rants as he goes to touch his face, but soon realizes that the hand is not there.

"Oh no! I left father at home! Don't look at me! I'm hideous!" He yells quickly as he turns his face away.

I was a bit surprised at his life story, but I quickly reacted to his statement.

"No you're not! I think your face is quite attractive."

"You mean it? Even after telling you my life story, and that I'm a villain, you're still not afraid of me?"

"Of course I mean it! I think you're pretty attractive! And I don't think there's a reason for me to be afraid of you, you seem like a good person, at least to me you do. Even if you are a villain, it doesn't change that fact that you're still a person." I smiled brightly at the boy, watching as his cheeks tinted red.

"What's your name girl?" He suddenly asks.

"Y/n L/n, you?"

"This isn't my actual name...more like my villain name but...Tomura Shigaraki." The boy answers.

"Well nice meeting you Tomura, but I better get going, otherwise I'll be late, see you around!" I quickly bowed before quickly running away from Tomura to U.A.

Tomura's P.O.V:

What a strange girl....

If only she was around back then...maybe my life choices would've changed for the better...

Oh well...better get back to the league of villains.

As soon as I had returned, Kurogiri gave me a suspicious glance.

"And just where have you been Tomura?"

"I was out on a walk, geez what are you, my mom?"

"What happened while you were on that walk Tomura?"

"Why are you asking so many damn questions?" I glared at him.

"Because ever since you came back, your face has been blood red..mind telling me what happened." Kurogiri repeated.

Wait my face is red?

I rushed to the nearest mirror only to find out that Kurogiri was entire face was a blood red.

"Well, I don't know why my face is red exactly but...I ran into a girl on my walk and she saved me from falling rubble...she said the most...interesting, yet confusing things...the weirdest part was when she said she truly thought I was attractive, my heart rate started speeding up...what is this Kurogiri? It's annoying the hell outta me!" I ranted.

" have a crush on the girl?" Kurogiri asked.

I snorted.

"Me? A crush on that lousy wannabe hero girl? Yeah right, you must be out of your damn mind Kurogiri. I'm going to bed, this is to damn confusing and I don't want to deal with it right now." I stormed off to my room and tried to go to sleep, my mind keep thinking about that damn girl...Y/n was it?

It was so damn frustrating?! Why can't I stop thinking about her.

I don't know why...but I feel like...I need her....

"It's strange how being possessive can change your view on things, huh Tomura?"

I looked at at the person who spoke and growled.


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