My own answer to Why?

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Because I am quiet introverted sensitive guy, with a big imagination and have so many things I want and need to do, yet I just want someone with the right personality to unlock all the unique specialness inside of myself.

I want to be the guy who does the crazy things but can be a bit self concious.

Then comes my manic pixie dream girl who is like a tornado of fire and lust all in one. She doesn't care what people think and she will go ahead with all of my fancy fantasies eagerly and loves it. She will make me feel special and I will love it and start to love her.

We will do wild things like walk naked in the park at night and talk under the stars and she will empathetically listen as I tell her sad stories about my childhood. She will say she loves me and I will promise her I will never leave and want to shake the latent sorrow behind her eyes.

She is adventurous in everything. Including in bed and makes me feel special and for once I feel like I belong because I am doing stuff all those other "cool" people did, yet I never went around to actually do it.

I feel good about myself because surely someone who is everything and all at the same time would only be with someone amazing like me and know me truly deep inside.

But as things progress and the magic of the love fades away I am left with someone who changes way too much and I start to think I only liked this manic pixie dream girl when she was just two dimensional becasue this 3D version is crazy as fuck.

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