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[A real short shit to start this book with, did not really proof read that much so if theres a mistake you can point it out and ill fix it]

Your POV

"Hi, [Y/N]!", I hear Deku greet my enthusiastically, jumping on me.

I let out a laugh, wrapping my arms around him.

"Hi, baby.", I say quietly against his neck.

He giggles, as I let him down. He kisses my cheek quickly before standing back from me. But not too much.

"You guys make me sick.", Katsuki spits out.

"You're just jealous you're alone and they're not.", Shōto says.

"The fuck you say?!", Katsuki yells, standing up from his seat.

His chair falls on the floor as he quickly walks over to Shōto.

"I'll fucking kill you, you fuck!"

I lean down to whisper in Dekus ear, as people around us start to look at our violent friend.

"Wanna go over to my place?", I ask quietly.

He quickly nods making me smile. I take his hand onto mine and start leading him out of the building towards my apartment, where he's already been plenty of times. I'm so happy I live so close to the fast food place we were just now. Goddamn.

I take a pack of cigarettes from my pocket and skilfully place one on my lips and lighting it. I look up at the sky, blowing a puff of smoke in front of me, noticing how the clouds seem to be gathering over us. It might rain, but I like rain so it doesn't bother me. A few birds fly over us, as a car drives past us, noticeably over the speed limit. I notice a few pieces of trash on the side of the road, I really hate it when people litter. Sometimes, I want to carry something with me to gather all the trash I see into so everything would be cleaner.

"I really love you, [Y/N].", Deku suddenly says, breaking the silence.

I let out a snort, turning my head to look at him.

"I know, sweetie, I love you too. So so much.", I answer back at him, lowering my voice on purpose.

I can see a flash of something very familiar in his eyes, making me smirk.

"I'm just glad no one else noticed anything, like usual."

Soon I unlock my door and Deku quickly drags me inside, locking it once again. Immediately, he pushes me against a wall, pulling me down by my school tie, catching my lips in his. I smile into the kiss, returning the same intensity he's giving me. He starts pulling on my shirt, trying to lift it off. I laugh a little, pulling away from the kiss.

"So, I didn't see incorrectly in the fast food place, huh?", I say, sliding my hand down to cup him between his legs.

He squirms in place, whining needily.

"I almost lost it when I felt your breath on my neck..", he whispers.

I change our positions, pushing him on the wall instead. I lean down to kiss his neck, sucking on his skin harshly every now and then, making him let out moans louder than before.

"You're.. You're really tempting me more outside, aren't you?", he asks, lifting his hand on my hair, pulling on my fairly long locks.

I smile, gently biting his neck.


I feel him buck his hips forward, his knees starting to grow weak and shaking.

"You're really unfair, [Y/N]", he whispers.

I replace my hand with my knee, lifting my hand on his waist instead, pressing my thumb on his hip bone, the same spots I've already bruised over and over again. He lets out a moan as I move my knee against him in a way, I know for sure, makes him melt for me.

"But I love it so.. so much.", he says, kissing me briefly before lifting his sweater over his head, leaving on his shirt.

He drops it on the floor, eagerly kissing me more roughly. I break the kiss for a brief second, lifting him against the wall. He lets out a small yelp, as cute as ever, before kissing me again. He grinds his hips against me, I can feel him shudder in pleasure.

"Never leave me.. Stay with me- ah~ forever, I need you..", he mutters between hungry kisses.

I love hearing how much he needs me, even if it's only for this kind of thing. I know for certainty though, that he really does love me and isn't just addicted to having sex with me.

I walk towards my bedroom, soon throwing him on my bed. I close my door so the cats won't bother us like they did last time, also taking my tie off in the process and placing it on my desk. I climb on top of him, taking my shirt off as well. He looks at me up and down, hand between his legs for much needed friction.

"Take me.."

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