Say Hello To AngularJS - The New Best Front-End Framework

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Over the last decade, programming has evolved phenomenally. From struggling to code anything more than a basic site, to housing 3D animations, we have come a long way. One of the pioneers in this advancement is JavaScript. A simple, methodical and incredibly dynamic language, JavaScript is utilized across a number of development requirements. AngularJS, one of the 4 main JS technologies is a prominent name in the web app development scene today.

Here are 4 reasons behind the rapid success of AngularJS:

1) Crisp UI Development: 

The UI design in Angular is done with HTML. Being a declarative language, HTML is incredibly seamless and helps in designing a user interface without complications. Likewise, restructuring is a simple process when done on HTML. When compared to other interface development platforms, HTML can provide a far better experience in general.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) philosophy is governing the visual aspect of development today. And HTML allows you to regulate how controllers are used in the app/site developed. This makes development both simple and visually stunning!

2) MVC Architecture:

Typically, MVC-driven coding will have you split up the components of your project into different structures and then compile everything together. This makes for an incredibly strenuous process! But Angular implements MVC differently.

3) Code Less: 

The MVC pipeline doesn't have to be written by you. Data models in Angular are written easily without the need for getters or setters. You need not put data into the view manually since the data gets bound. All in all, you will spend less time writing code, making the entire web app development process far more enjoyable!

4) Learning is Easy: 

Since JavaScript is the skeleton Angular is based on, the learning curve is short. Typically, programmers spend a lot of time on learning a particular language or a framework, and then even longer trying to achieve a particular functionality. But with Angular, these troubles won't persist as you get to hit the ground running with your existing knowledge of JS!

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