Little more than friends

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Chapter One •

Everyone knew samcro to be the most dangerous group of men to walk through Charming. Everyone knew that the men who wore black reaper cuts, well, those were the towns saviour. Between limiting the drugs being dealt, To handling personal vendettas among the small towns people, Samcro always protects its home. Anyone not involved with a member was left in mystery about what takes place in the Teller Morrow Automotive Garage's lot. A bunch of mechanics that had secret lives. The towns acceptance of the club made it easier. Rather than a fight, where people get hurt. Only one outsider knew many things about the club, due to her relationship, with the prince of Charming, Jackson Teller. Vice president to the sons.

Mia Lynn Santue, a small town business owner of a book store. Mia's been in Jacksons Aka Jax 's eye sight since high school. When she tutored him in algebra so he would pass 10th grade. A friendship bonded, but now, more than friends.

Looking down at the two lines on the small window, on a white and blue test strip. She knew she was in big trouble.

"What the hell am I gonna do?"she mumbled, sliding down her bathroom door with her face in her palms. "Jax is gonna kill me." She didn't believe in abortion, but couldn't get over how reckless she'd been. She cried silently for a moment.

Standing up and looking at herself in the mirror, wiping the smeared mascara from under her eyes. Walking out of the bathroom, she grabbed her cellphone. Clicking through her apps, she clicked on Jaxs conversation, and sent him a quick text.

"To : Jax Teller
Please come over when you can, need to talk. "

Sitting on the couch, she grabbed the TV remote and put on Hulu. Scrolling through each movie, finally settling on Justice League. Knowing that since Aquaman is in it, it has to be good. So she got comfortable and waited for Jax.

It was a few hours later when Mia heard a light knock on the door. "Its open" she then heard the door open and footsteps enter, and the door closing again.

"Hey darlin, is everything okay?" He saw her hair in a messy bun and Carfish on TV. The fact she didn't call or try to come to TM made him worried. He didn't think she even went to work today.

When she turned towards him. The sight of a broken girl, made him question what happened. If someone hurt her, he swore silently that he would kill the son of a bitch. Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks a hint of red in them. Smeared makeup down her cheek. She took a deep breath and blurted out  "Jax, I'm pregnant."

Jax didn't have a response but stood there with his mouth opened slightly. "How?" Mia rolled her eyes. Turning back towards the tv.

"Test is on the bathroom counter. I can take the other in front of you so you know I'm not lying." He nodded, and cleared his throat.

"Yeah take the other." It wasn't the first time a woman told Jax that she was pregnant. Mainly so he would make her his old lady and she would be involved with the prince of charming. Mia stood up and headed to the bathroom, leaving the door open a tad so he could see or hear everything she was doing. She took the second test from the Clearblue  box, tossing the trash in the bin, before opening up the individual packaging. Before squatting and pulling her pajama shorts down, and peeing on the stick. Before cleaning up and flushing. She sat the test on the counter and leaned against the doorframe, opening the door for Jax to wait with her.

He waits nervously as the test finished processing before walking over and grabbing it. Two blue lines appeared, Mia was indeed pregnant.
"Told you. " Mia turned and walked back into her living room, leaving Jax there staring down at this test.

"Okay. We will deal with it. "Jax meant taking the abortion route, and Mia crossed her arms over her chest.

"Excuse me?" Mia looked at him. Leaning against her kitchen counter, her eyes brows raised and Jax knew he said something that offended her.

"Mia I can't have a kid." He said running his hands over his face.

"Then I guess you should leave then." She nodded towards the door. He sighed and left, knowing not to argue with her.

Mia sighs, knowing she would have this baby, with or without Jackson Teller.

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