The Moonlight Night ~

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The Moonlight Night [Chapter One]


[About a girl named Jennifer, Jenn for short. Who is new to the place and school and meets a girl named Cassie who turns out later to be her best friend. They have fun hanging out but then something gets in their way by the girls Vanessa and her two little followers. Then they meet a guy named Jake who is a football player and things seem to get intresting.....]


Sometimes you wake up and it's different, But it's not today. I woke up with the sunshine shining into my eyes and as I yawned and jumped out from my bed, I walked to my dresser to pull out my clothes for a new day at a new high school. I went downstairs to eat breakfast and there was my mom setting the table up with plates of sausage and eggs with fresh-squeezed orange juice. "Good morning mom, thanks for the breakfast.." I said while finishing the breakfast and ran to the doorway, stopped and then turned around. " Mom one more thing, can you please not pick me up after school? I want to go somewhere after school." She agreed and then I left the house for school, but it was kind of rare that she lets me hang out after school.

I walked my way to the new high school, Lakeview High, which is located in the most popular area of California. It was really big with long hallways and had three floors filled with high schoolers, and as I walked to my locker trying to unload my heavy backpack of books from history, math, and science that I had to study to catch up with this school, these three girls in a group walked over to me and just standed by my locker with this ugly mean look. One of the girls that looked like the leader was Vannesa. She has brown hair wavy hair and not too tall or short but you can tell she has a mean and rude attitude. The two other girls are mostly like followers whose name is Abigail and Ashley. They are standing behind Vanessa and and you can tell they love to copy her looks by looking at their styles and attitude. I hate girls who try to act all cool and including followers.They are counted as fakes to me. I got annoyed by the staring so I started to talk.  "Umm... May I help you??" I said getting nervous continuing to put my books in the locker slowly . "Check it out, She's the new girl." Vanessa said trying to act so cool in front of her followers and slammed my locker door shut and walked away while her friends walked away laughing like it's actually funny.

I scoffed and then walked down the hallways that leads to my math class. I was holding my schedule sheet to find the room number but since it was a huge school, it was hard for me on the first day. I looked down to memorize the room number I was supposed to be in with my math books and notebooks in my hand but then suddenly I bumped into someone dropping all my stuff on the floor. I was furious when I saw all those papers scattered around the floor since I spent the whole night organizing papers and putting them in order. I looked up with a fustrated face and I saw this really muscular and tall handsome guy. He had dark brown hair with brown eyes and it made me just melt and my fustrated face went away into this surprised nervous face.  "I'm sorry!" He said kneeling down to help me pick up my stuff and I snapped out of it quick to pick up the rest. "I-It's okay." I said trying to get my act together. He was really handsome and my type of guy by his actions, I guess it's love at first sight. He tapped my shoulder and left as I watched him catching up with the rest of his friends. They were all football players which mean popular. I stood up and continued walking down the hallway looking for my math class before the bell rings.

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