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"Who did this to you?!" He growled, holding my chin so I wouldn't duck my head.

I kept my mouth stubbornly shut.


"What does it matter!?" I shrieked. "What's happened, happened!"

"I'll kill them!" he vowed.

Wolfsbane by BethanyP

This book is probably one of the best if not the best werewolf books on wattpad. The updates are reasonable and the story line does seem to be going somewhere. The writing style keeps you interested so even if it's a dull chapter, you still enjoy it.

The characters are quiet interesting there is the over-protective alpha mate and than there is the insecure female who needs help opening up, it's not unusual for this to be a werewolf storyline, but it is really interesting comparing it to others that have that over protective and insecure storyline.

The book does have a spin-off called Mr Mate and I believe that it is on hold for a while.

If you enjoy werewolf novels or romance novels in general be sure to check it out =)

*Quick finish*

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