Wuss da deal

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Lalani pov
I was scrolling through Instagram and I seen shoreline mafia had posted their tour dates. Yes their coming to LA I texted Aaliyah to see if she wants to go with me

Daddy lani👅
Bitchhhhh shoreline mafia is coming on tour and they coming here!!!
Daddy liyah😍👅
                         Word? I'm tryna see   fenix he's fine😝    
Daddy lani👅
Ight so 2 vip tickets?
                                  Daddy liyah😍👅            Yea
After I ordered the tickets I made sure I had a cute outfit for work and I headed to the club. I work at one of the most popular clubs in LA I dance on all the rappers and tbh it's got me in good with them I just don't wanna be seen as a "thooter". I get to work and Leo the club manager tells me he has special guest and he wants me to go give them a special dance. I had no idea who it could be I mean rappers come in here all the time and they never need me what's so different now. I walk to our VIP area and open the curtain and I see all of shoreline mafia I was internally screaming considering I'm supposed to meet them tomorrow.
~bold- lani ~ regular~geesy
" anything i can do for you boys?"
"Ye u wanna be my baby momma"
" lol no silly I need to do my job so lay down"
" nah you to pretty to be up in this club" after geesy said that he pulled a fat wad of money out his pocket and hands it to me
"Um I can't take this"
"Take it shawty"
After that him and his boys walk off making me look dumb standing with a wad of cash.

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