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sundown glowed in tyler's room. his white walls turned a shade of yellow, a shadow interrupting the light every now and then as tyler twirled around his room. patrick watson's "je te laisserai des mots" played loud enough to turn the chatter downstairs into a distant mumble but quiet enough so if he chose to poke his head out of the windows, he could still hear the birds as they came and went. as the song played on, tyler played the piano notes in the air with his hands. tyler closed his eyes, in his own little world where there was no sorrow, only pure love, and delight. 

"tyler!" his mother shouted from downstairs just as the song ended. tyler's eyes flew open and he stumbled on the fluffy blue blanket that he had left on the ground after using it as a cape. tyler hit the wooden floor with a thud and a soon-to-be bruise on his bottom. 

"at least no one saw that," tyler muttered. 

"well..." a voice said. 

tyler immediately got to his feet and looked around. outside one of his windows, the neighboring house stood a tad too close, which is why tyler usually kept that window closed. unfortunately, tyler thought that the new neighbors wouldn't be moved in quite yet, so he decided to open it. 

"very nice up until the end," the boy next door said, leaning out of his own window to get as close to tyler as he could get. he grinned and tyler realized it was the boy from earlier this morning. "say, aren't ballerinas flexible? maybe we co-" tyler rushed forward and slammed his window shut and shut the curtain before falling forward to his knees and groaning. he had embarrassed himself twice in front of the same person in one day. and worse, if this boy was his new neighbor, he'd probably never live it down. 


im sorry this is so short i am discouraged <3

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