Chapter 2 - Peter's POV

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We struggle out of the taxi, as I through the driver the money. Gwen holds Emma, as I take in our suitcases. I push open the door for Gwen, as she keeps in open with her back. "Aunt May?" I shout through the house. There is no answer. Gwen sits down on the couch with Emma, while I look through the house for Aunt May. There is no sign of her. I go over to the fridge, possibly looking for a note she left. Aunt May's nursing timetable reaches my eye. I scroll through it, only to find she is working late tonight. And she didn't even tell us. We only have 3 days here, then we go to Gwen's for the rest of the week. And we were supposed to be having a meal with the whole family, but that obviously isn't going to happen.

I sit down beside Gwen, watching her fuss over Emma in her pram. I feel a rush of pride float through me. I actually have a family now. I mean, I had a sort of family before...but only Aunt May. I now have a stunning wife, and a beautiful baby girl. What else could a man want from life? Emma closes her eyes, tired from the long journey, and the hassle of air travel. Gwen slouches back into the couch, and gazes at me dreamily. I lean in towards her. She pushes herself up towards me. I put my hand to her neck, and she ruffles my hair softly. Our lips nearly touch, I can feel her breath, before -

"Oh Peter!! Gwen!!! So nice to see you both!!!"

Aunt May comes walking in, and puts her bags down. We let go of each other and sit in a casual position. Gwen stands up and gives my aunt a hug, before I too stand up to greet my aunt. It's not long before she notices Emma.

"Oh! Here's Emma! Oh she's so cute!! Awww...." My aunt says, taking Emma's hand gently. I can see the adoration in Gwen's eyes. I move closer to her, and put my arm around her. She leans into my shoulder. She exhales heavily. It's been a lot of stress for her, but we got through it together, and in reward, we have both been blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

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