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If you want your story to be featured in one of our reading lists, there are some important things you need to know. Read through the submission guidelines carefully before filling out the submission form. This will ensure your story meets our profile's submission requirements.


- Your story must adhere to Wattpad Content Guidelines. If your story contains mature content, it should be rated accordingly. If you are unsure, please refer to the content guidelines.

- All submissions must be in English.

- The length of the book should approximately sum up to 10K words (10,000 words max.). Stories longer than this won't be accepted. After all, they are called short stories for a reason.

- We prefer completed stories. If your story is ongoing it should be updated frequently, reflecting your determination to see the story through to completion. We pledge to keep our readers engaged with carefully curated stories. Ongoing stories that have been abandoned for 60 days will be removed from our reading lists.

- We only accept the first story in a series, and it's very rare that we feature more than one story from the same author at a time. If your story is on our reading list and you want a new story to replace it, submit a form for the new story. If it meets our submission guidelines, your new story will replace the old one.

- Your story must fit into one of the available reading lists featured on this profile. To help you determine if your story is a good fit, see if your story's theme matches any of our suggested tags below.

Tags relevant to our profile's reading lists: #ShortStory #Drabbles #ShortStoryCollection


How To Submit

>> Please note that any submission attempts made on our message board, in the comment section, or via PM will not be considered. Only submit via the linked form below.

>> Please note that a submission does not guarantee you a spot on the reading list. All submissions undergo a level of screening before a decision is made. This is to ensure our readers get quality stories that fit their reading tastes.

>> Please pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We strongly advise you to read and edit your story before submitting it. You can find quick editing tips HERE from our own Wattpad Creators.  

>> You'll also want to be sure you've included a well-written story description for your readers. For tips on story descriptions, visit THIS page.  

>> Please be patient after you submit your story. As you can imagine, our submission list is long.

>> We rotate our reading lists and the stories within them. This is done to make room for new stories to be featured.


Just open the link in your browser and answer the questions. When complete, press submit and that's it. 

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