Contests and Challenges

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Do you want to get involved in an activity? Are you in the mood for a challenge or contest?

Don't forget to check the Official Wattpad Contests Page to see if something tickles your fancy.

The Ambassadors host various challenges and contests that are open to the community. Participation is a great way for writers to develop and find motivation for ongoing projects, or to celebrate in the experience of creating a new story. 


✦ February to April ✦

The Open Novella Contest encourages you to write a novella of 20k words in 12 weeks. It is hosted on the OpenNovellaContest profile. The ONC is announced near the end of January each year, and on 1 February the prompts are released and the writing commences.

✦ August ✦

The Amby Awards (or Ambys for short) celebrates complete and existing stories. It is hosted on the TheAmbys profile and kicks off in August each year.

✦ September ✦

The Shortys is a challenge for poets and short story writers. It's hosted during September on the Poetry and ShortStory profiles. This challenge is a great opportunity for you to explore sparks of inspiration that can be developed into a novel or ongoing story.    


The 8-Chapter Challenge runs every two months throughout the year on the justwriteit profile. The 8CC is the perfect motivator for writers who have a great story concept, or ongoing story, to find a reason to sit down and just write it. In the two months that each 8CC runs, you must write 8 chapters with a minimum of 1500 words each. That's 12k words!  

The 30-Day Challenge runs monthly on the justwriteit profile. The 30DC offers writers support and encouragement to write consistently for 30 days and at the end we celebrate your word count milestones. Come and write with the community! 

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