Chapter 2 -Deep and Dark-

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"Info sourced," my computer spoke blandly. Instantly a profile was pulled up on my holographic visor. "Carlos Manaz, age 37. Intelligence agent for the Center of Claimed Networks or CCN." I nodded slowly. "What does the CCN do?" "They help protect valued information. That is all it says in their description." "Am I able to access more info?" "Access denied. Needs a recognized password." "Got it, Thanks Computer." "I am a Computer, you do not need to thank me." I just rolled my eyes and shrugged, signaling that I was going to do it anyway. The system made a noise, that mysteriously sounded like a sigh, and pulled up the larger screen in front of me. I swiped half of the visor away, leaving it over one eye, and took a look at it. As if I was a robot myself, I instantly got to work. I found a weak joint code in the system and immediately sent my little 'dogs' to chew through it. They weren't actual dogs, just little bits of code like everything else. I programmed them to look like little cute dogs though, that's the fun part of this job. Having the freedom to do what you want.

I got through the system, the screen flickering for a second before changing to a newer info screen. "Computer, analyze data please." "Analyzing, and as I said you do not need to say please." I just laughed a little as the computer did it's work. "Complete. Would you like a summary?" The Computer asked robotically. "Yes please." I heard that mysterious noise again, was the computer really that done with me? "CCN is a company that uses the facade of protection to steal information from certain groups in order to sell it to other individuals. They never pay for information." "Huh, I wonder..." I hummed. "Thank you Computer that'll be all." "Stop saying thank you." It said before the screen closed. I swiped away the holograms before standing up. "All I need to do is find that 'Carlos' dude." I mumbled to myself as I looked around. Putting my full face mask back on, I got a running start on top of the building before leaping over the dark street. My dark outfit mostly disguised me. I do kinda look like a biker. I also wear a black cloak with yellow details. It looks cool, plus it helps me blend in. As I glanced down I spotted users strolling through the streets as dealers called out to them from different buildings. It was organized for the most part, that doesn't mean that it wasn't chaotic though. I continued to leap from building to building, dodging polls and wires sticking out here and there. I had to find 'Carl'- or was it 'Carly'? 'Carson'? Oh whatever- I'm never that good with names.

Due to my hacking job I didn't have time for any kind of relationship. I have a few familiar contacts that request me a lot for work reasons but other than that this job is unbearably lonely. I can't risk having friends, it's not just about me. Anyone who's friends with me puts themself at risk. As I said I am a hacker, I do have quite a few enemies. Said enemies would love to find out who I really am besides 'AI'. To be completely truthful 'AI' is the only nickname I created, but lately I've been hearing all sorts of names. I don't even want to know what my reputation is at this point. I pondered about it as I jumped from building to building, roof to roof. "Suspect spotted." My computer said quietly. Oh right, I had to find 'Cardboard' or whatever his name was. This was a job I've been looking into for a while. CCN, the company this man worked for, was doing some pretty shady stuff. Recently they started to work closer and closer with the US government. That couldn't be good. I've also gotten several reports of Dark Web sellers being knocked out, when they wake up all of their products are gone. I might be dealing with a major threat but it's fine. I'll take care of it.

My visor showed up again, focusing in on the suspect. "Analyze." "The suspect seems to be heading somewhere. They have one breaker on them." A breaker.... wasn't that just a slightly more advanced gun? "Thanks computer." "Stop." Was all the computer said as it vanished. I laughed a bit to myself before continuing to leap from building to building, following this mysterious agent. As I jumped I could hear something behind me. Dang it, probably another hacker. They weren't good at being stealthy either. I pulled up a small hologram panel to act as a mirror. I kept jumping, acting like I didn't notice anything at all. The small clangs continued to sound from behind me as I looked into the small panel. It was a tall man in a dark trench coat with a bowler hat. He looked like one of the vendors, he had a circular black head and sharp teeth. The difference was that he had an eyepatch on his face, it had some sort of logo on it. An e with a ring around it? Must be the company he works for. Totally not suspicious at all. Maybe he was paid to follow me. I sighed and stopped in my tracks, putting my hands in my pockets. "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop following me, I don't really like it when strange looking people decide to go after me." I spoke out, my voice modulator making my voice sound robotic. "So you knew I was following you? Impressive, just the talent I'm looking for." The strange man's voice was deep and kinda rough. He's definitely been through hell, wouldn't want to mess with this dude. "Sorry sir, I don't take many jobs from stalkers." The man laughed. "I'd assume you're busy?" "Yes, unless you need anything I'll be on my way." "Look Black Fire I'll be the one calling the shots here." "Says who?" "Do you even know who I am?" Their voice grew slightly more aggressive, probably a bit irritated. "Not really, I do know that you're a stalker." "Pfft- I'm more than a stalker you dirty hacker." "Uh huh." I was just done with this. I didn't have time to socialize. The man cleared his throat. "I'm Dark, also known as the Dark Web. I believe you can help me with a case involving the person you're following now."

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