Kingdom of Light Kingdom of Dark

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Kingdom of Light Kingdom of Dark

By John William Rice

Copyright: John Rice 2011

Canadian copyright: 1089478

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E-book ISBN 978-0-9876958-1-9


Table of Contents

Claws that Crush

Chapter one-Blueberry Pies

Chapter two: Treachery

Chapter three: The Bird with the Broken Wing

Chapter four: The Path of the Brindle Wee

Chapter five: Prisoner

Chapter six: The Devouring Dark

Chapter seven: Preparations

Chapter eight: Stepping Stones to Safety

Chapter nine: Night Journey

Chapter ten: The Falls of Flame

Chapter eleven: The Silk of a Great Grey Moth

Chapter twelve: An Unexpected Friend

Chapter thirteen: The Tumbling down Clown

Chapter fourteen: Hidden Knights

Chapter fifteen: The Nest of the Great Grey Moth

Chapter sixteen: Caught in the Web of Deceit

Chapter seventeen: More Surprises

Chapter eighteen: An Ancient Secret Shared

Chapter nineteen: In the Tower of the Moon

Chapter twenty: The Dungeons of Horror

Chapter twenty one: Old Friends Meet

Chapter twenty two: Taken

Chapter twenty-three: The Lair of Evil

Chapter twenty-four: The Last Battle

Chapter twenty-five: The Monarch of the Kingdom

Twelve-year-old Burt Safford curled up into a tight ball on the wet grass, closed his indigo eyes, and tried to shut out the screams of the dying girl. The harder he tried, the louder they seemed to grow. Each pitiful cry mingled with the clicking of bony claws and a loud slurp, slurp, slurp.

An image of slimy sucking mouths and rasp like tongues filled his mind with terror. He wished the thick, evil smelling fog would hide him from the two beasts devouring Aldana. He wished he were safe at home in his bed. He wished the terrifying wails would end. Yet he knew when the final death rattle came and in time it would, he would be their dessert.

Chapter one: Blueberry Pies

It had started out to be the best of days. Early sunbeams playing peek-a-boo with wispy clouds danced through Burt Safford’s open window; washed across his sleep filled eyes and woke him up.  

Burt sat up in bed and pushed his blankets onto the hardwood floor, filled his lungs with the flower-scented breeze playing tag with the curtains. His Grandmother’s words of the night before filled him with joy. She had whispered them into his right ear as she tucked him in. “After breakfast and after your morning chores are done, the rest of the day is yours. You can do whatever your dear heart desires. Burt had given her one of his biggest hugs, kissed her weatherworn cheek, and settled down to his night of dreams. He snuggled in his blankets and smiled in the dark. He knew exactly how he would spend his work free time.

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