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Chapter-27: Answers, End of the Second Year

Every student was looking at headmaster for answers about the article that appeared in prophet about word analogy, while Severus, Regulus and Remus at the head table, Draco and Selene at Slytherin table are internally smirking looking at Albus face which is bringing a lot of fun and entertainment to them.

"Headmaster is it true about what Rita wrote in an article in Daily Prophet?"  One of the Puffs asked from the Hufflepuff table.

"Yes whatever Ms Rita wrote in Daily Prophet is true about Mudblood word and many muggle-borns take offence to it when in my childhood days they used it wear as their identity proudly," Albus said to save his face in the wizarding world.

"Then why does now everyone take offence in that word when in olden days they used to wear it proudly?" One of the claw asked.

"Well the word turned into offence when Dark Lord started his reign from last 50 years because they were killing muggle-borns saying that they are mudblood that is the reason everyone takes offence to that word," Albus blamed Marvolo which brought immense anger to Selene and she was shooting daggers with her eyes which can kill people while Severus, Remus and Regulus was scowling at him for the lies he was sprouting.

"Oh, that is the reason Pure-Bloods call muggle-borns as Mudblood whenever they refer to them?" One of the Gryffindors asked us.

"You are right Mr Weasley that is the reason they refer them as such," Albus said.

After that everyone started discussing other articles all the while looking at Selene in awe and fear for what her family is capable.

Here at Head table, Albus was seething inside he wanted to squash Rita, don't know where she is getting all these proofs for the articles because when he sent one of his minions whether the claimed proofs are true or not, he returned saying that proofs are true are not falsified documents and now because of these stupid articles he is losing his grip on school and Wizarding world slowly which will be dangerous for his greater plan which he can't let happen. He should do the control damage before it goes out of his hand completely with this thought he went to his office leaving the great hall to plan to get rid of Rita.

Meanwhile, Castle full of students descended into madness as OWLS and NEWTS exams descended, the older students we're snapping at younger ones in nervousness, anxiousness and fear of failing. While Selene and her friends started spending more time and time with each other studying and revising.

By the end of the week, Selene was perfect in every subject and she can ace through all the subjects without any fear.

She was in the common room sitting with a potions book in her lap trying in front of fire thinking a way for the werewolves to shift into wolves not only on Full moon but also whenever they want, scribbling recipe after recipe because tomorrow is her last exams which are potions in which she is an expert like her uncle Severus, she was disturbed in her thoughts when her friends sat at her side.

"Sel, what are you doing?" Draco asked.

"Nothing Dragon trying to tweak a recipe which Uncle Severus invented, " Selene replied not looking from her notes.

"Oh, I know only you can achieve it but which potion?" Draco asked while others looked at her in awe and with respect for her ability.

"Wolfsbane potion, I'm trying to find a way or a recipe where it helps wolves to shift whenever they want not only on a full moon, " Selene replied.

"That is a very large ambition Rose and if you get this done then it will be a breakthrough in Wizarding World and it will also help all the wolves to gain jobs, family positions and their assets and properties from Ministry back which got confiscated because they are classified as dark creatures, " Blaise said.

"I'm also trying to achieve it no matter what Blaise because it will also help werewolves to produce cubs without fearing for their lives from the Ministry or hunters, " Selene said.

"Rose are you free in the last week of summer?" Daphne asked.

"Yeah I'm free and before you girls ask, yes we can go shopping but let me warn you my godmothers will accompany us, " Selene said.

"Okay, do you have any plans for the day tomorrow after the exam, " Pansy asked.

"No, I'm free and we can have a picnic during the lunchtime near the lake, " Selene said and suddenly started to jump around which shocked them and amused them at the same time just them Severus entered the common room to see his goddaughter jumping around the room like a hyper kangaroo baby.

"What have you got this hyper Rosie?" Severus asked stopping her jumping around.

"Uncle Sev see I got the recipe correct now Uncle Remus can change into Wolf whenever he wants, " Selene replied which amazed him because he and other potion masters tried to do that for a long time.

"Really show me the recipe, " Severus said and took the notes from her and once he read the recipe he knew that it is a breakthrough for the wizarding world because the recipe has 100% positive result.

"Rosie this recipe is having 100%  result I will help you make it and we can test it once your grandfather comes back, " Severus said.

"Okay, Uncle Sev and will you keep it a secret from Uncle Rem and Papa because I want to surprise them, " Selene asked.

"Of course Rosie I will keep mum and even your friends will keep it secret, " Sev said and left to his quarters to prepare his classroom for the exam tomorrow.

Next day Selene aced through her potions exam and as she said second-year Slytherins had lunch had near the lake enjoying the weather and joking around each other.

After that everyone packed their trunks because they didn't want to rush the next morning to reach the station to going home, then they went to a great hall for dinner.

Next day Selene along with her friends claimed Hogwarts express to go back home after completing their second year.

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