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Heiress by Love_Devil08897
Heiressby Ruhanika
Its fan fiction of harry potter. Here Harry is female and goes by name Selene Rosalie Potter-Black nee Evans. It starts after the first year where she listens to Dumbled...
  • femharry
  • gooddark
  • salazarxgodric
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A silver and green lion by Thornyrose13
A silver and green lionby Willow Thornwood
What if the hat ignored Harry's pleas and sorted him as he saw fit instead? Harry struggles with adapting to an unfriendly House and the bullying of his fellow students...
  • firstyearhogwarts
  • firstyear
  • hermionegranger
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Those Who Favor Fire (Drarry) by phoeleiter
Those Who Favor Fire (Drarry)by Phoenix Leiter
Harry comes into his inheritances on his 18th birthday, and many surprising revelations come to light. Will sparks fly when he finds his mate during his 8th year at Hogw...
  • creature
  • wattpride
  • wizard
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Jashin-Sama (SLOW UPDATE) by SquishyTurtle17
Jashin-Sama (SLOW UPDATE)by Junhwi
Death send his master from the different dimension that no magic involves but a ninjas do with jutsus and chakras, Harry will enjoy creating chaos and had a very loyal w...
  • narutoshipudden
  • akatsuki
  • crossover
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It starts with neglect by AssassinLover123
It starts with neglectby Hilda Koko
What if Harry was actually the BWL but everyone thought his brother was? What if Harry was neglected at a young age? What if when Harry finally gets to Hogwarts, his par...
  • unityhouse
  • hogwarts
  • potterbashing
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Harry's Magical Crazy Life (Harry Potter) by Pcrw1233
Harry's Magical Crazy Life ( Hellowerewolf1
Harry's had enough of people telling him what to do so he decides to be his true self and not his Golden Boy Fake Side - C.W.
  • weasleybashing
  • dumbledorebashing
  • magic
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House of Snakes by drhippo12
House of Snakesby drhippo12
At 30 years old, Harry doesn't have the life he'd always dreamed would come after defeating Voldemort. A chance discovery allows him an opportunity to go back in time an...
  • greyharry
  • harrypotter
  • timetravel
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The Powerful One ☫ Harry Potter Fanfiction ☫ by TheInsaneWitch
The Powerful One ☫ Harry Potter LilaKimTheBest
At the tender age of seven, Harry experiences a very rare inheritance due a traumatic event. Due to that, a strange looking woman appeared at the Dursley's household. Wh...
  • ptsd
  • powerful
  • greyharry
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The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter by Tatsumlat
The Most Ancient and Most Noble Titanos
Twelve year old Harry Potter has recently finished his second year at Hogwarts. The soon to be teenager is terrified to return to the Dursley's so he turns to the one or...
  • alternateuniverse
  • slash
  • harrypotter
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Hadrian Arcturus Black | hp fan-fic ⚡️ by wolfz4ever
Hadrian Arcturus Black | hp we love a satanic sister!
Hadrian will be very different than the Harry in the movies. I have read many Harry Potter fanfictions and they have all opened my eyes to some of the plot in Harry Pott...
  • wrongboywholived
  • intellingentharry
  • raven
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Try Again ¤ Tom Riddle by ChimChimsSuga
Try Again ¤ Tom Riddleby 《something¤poetic》
Typical HP/TMR betrayal fic, not all cliche. ¤¤¤ Harry Potter, he used to bare his name with such pride. Not now, not after he discovered hi...
  • oocharry
  • sassyharry
  • greyharry
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Hrutesh 《Coming-Soon》 by AmatureGuardian
Hrutesh 《Coming-Soon》by Kuma~cheerio?
Harry Potter, is dead... Trouble follows where he fled Harry Potter, is dead... He won't be coming back again Harry Potter,is dead... You made yourself a death bed Harry...
  • harrymort
  • jkrowling
  • darkharry
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The Neglected Potter  by ElaraMalfoy99
The Neglected Potter by Megha Teresa Thomas
Harry Potter grows up in the shadow of his brother who is the boy who lived. Determined to make his mark in the world and to make his parents regret not noticing his ach...
  • harrypotter
  • greyharry
  • iftheylived
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Harry Potter and the Mute Twin by DaughterOfHades3345
Harry Potter and the Mute Twinby Daughter of Hades
Before he was supposed to face Voldemort, Harry James Potter finds out that Dumbledore has been lying to and stealing from him and his friends weren't really his friends...
  • neutralharry
  • greyharry
  • harrypotter
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And what now? We wait? As engine oil boils and blood sheds? by JahrieBunny
And what now? We wait? As engine ChaoticNuetral
When the tetra wizard tournament gets an unexpected entry, and someone gets an unexpected offer, tensions are high and thinly veiled insults are thrown. Is the shade sur...
  • steampunk
  • dumblebashing
  • greyharry
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Harry's Story by Ivy-Marie
Harry's Storyby Ivy Marie
"For a year, the family and friends---more like family than anything else---lived blissfully in peace with the sweetest baby they had ever met and a life envied by...
  • dumbledorebashing
  • harrypotter
  • wolfstar
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The Slytherin Four by Alpha-SonOfArtemis
The Slytherin Fourby AlphaWolf
I'm rubbish at summary's without giving stuff away sorry Rated M for Language (i will NOT write lemons unless i do a story with them when I'm older) AU OBV More pairings...
  • harryxdaphne
  • greyharry
  • harrypotter
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Arise from Ashes by effloresenses
Arise from Ashesby Tony
When fifteen year old mercenary Harry Elder took the job, he didn't expect his world to flipped upside down. Known in his world as 'Cub', Harry makes a living killing, f...
  • år
  • âu
  • suspense
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When Country Comes to Hogwarts by TattooedFarmGirl01
When Country Comes to Hogwartsby Liz
Willow Bronson was a small town girl who thought she had everything she needed, a mother, a father, a little sister, a farm full of animals and a lot of free time for he...
  • mollyweasleybashing
  • femaleoc
  • fanfiction
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