Dont leave me

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I ran through the streets of my suburban neighbour hood. The rain was getting harder every minute. I kept on thinking... how could he... how could he not tell me! I hoped I could catch him. I turned the corner of his street, apparently to fast since I slipped and fell on my face. My hands and chin stung as I struggled to get up. I didn't stop to see if I was bleeding. I just kept running. Running to the man I loved for years. Hoping he was still there. Hoping he wouldn't leave me... without knowing the truth about how I felt about him. I ran down the street as fast as I could. Stilling thinking the same thing... how COULD he. We were best friends for so long. How could he not tell me he was moving! I reached his house only to see his car driving down the street in the opposite direction of me. All I could think of doing was running, running towards the car. The car stopped at the stop sign just as I was about the catch up. I tried to stop to avoid hitting the back of the car, but the rain made the ground slippery, so instead of stopping I slid head first into the car. His dad rushed out of the car to see what that huge bang was, only to find me lying on the ground, soaking wet, with blood gushing from my chin

"Hi Mr. Soar's" was all I could think of saying

"Christie! What in the world" he said while helping me up "why are you here! And what happened to you? You look terrible"

Just then HE stepped out the car.

"Christie?" he said shocked

"Hey..." I gulped... I wish I would have thought this through better because I don't know what to say now...

"Dad... can you give us some space?" he asked politely. He always was the gentleman... until I found out he was moving and didn't tell me! His dad, looking confused, walked back to the car, got in, and closed the door. I could see through the window that his mother was confused, VERY confused. I could read her lips. She was asking her husband what was going on, and why was I here. "Christie... why are you here... I... umm..." I remember he was in front of me.

"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving? You never said good bye..." I stuttered, the sneezed. I was in nothing but my pj's, my brown hair was dripping wet and kept moving in front my amber eyes, which were starting to water as I looked into his crystal blue ones. His dirty blond hair was now also soaking wet and was matted down to his head. "Cam... why... how..." I didn't know what to say to him... all I could do was break down in tears.

"Oh Christie... you always were a drama queen." Cam said walking over to me and rubbing my back. I smacked his hand away. "Ow!" he yelped.

"I am not a drama queen! You should have told me! We were best friends! We told each other everything *sneeze* I don't get how you could think I wouldn't find out! How do you think I would have handled going to school on Monday only to find you not at your locker and having some random person saying you don't go there any more! *sneeze* ... and if your wondering how I found out, Facebook... you should really think things through better you big idiot!" I whipped my nose and coughed in my elbow. Great. Its 7:30 am, my bare feet have cuts all over them from running on the pavement, I think I sprained my wrist, my chin is STILL bleeding, AND i'm getting a cold. Yup... not how I would have liked to spend my Saturday morning that's for sure. But I loved him. No matter how idiotic and stupid he may be at times... I would still go to hell and back for him.

"Why did you come here" was all he could say, he couldn't even look me in the eyes.

"... As if you don't know! You stinking jerk!" I yelled and my eyes began to water like it was no tomorrow.

"..." he didn't say anything. He knew what I was talking about, I have never said 'I love you' to him before, but when your friends with someone for so long you can kind of guess... and I thought he felt the same way... but I guess I was wrong. "Christie... don't do this... not now... im leaving right now... and theres nothing you can say that will change my parents minds. If it were up to me..."

"I LOVE YOU!" I yelled cutting him off mid sentence. "Did you hear me? I.LOVE.YOU!!!!" then something came over me. I jumped forward cupping his chin in my hands and planted one on him. He stood there not doing anything. I opened my eyes to see his closed and pulled away. His eyes slowly opened.

"Christie..." he put his hands in the pockets of his favourite jeans... the ones I told him to get. They were faded with holes at both knees. He was wearing the Billy talent t-shirt I got him for his birthday last year, and his normal yellow converse. His feet must be soaked now. It was odd standing next to him dressed in pj... just my normal black tank top with black lace at the top, which was now stained with mud. And Mickey Mouse pj shorts. I was freezing and shivering and would do anything for a nice cup of hot chocolate. But then I thought... hey i'm doing this for a reason.

"I couldn't let you go without telling you" I looked at my feet. My mud covered feet. And then I heard words I never thought I would hear him say, ever in my life! At first I thought I was hallucinating. But then I thought... no... he really did say those words.

"I love you to... I always have, and always will be. But my dad got a job offer that he couldn't refuse, and we have to go... there's nothing I can do. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to be there when you cried. I didn't want to hear those words because I didn't want to make it harder for me to leave." Cam tilted my chin up so I was facing him. And then hugged me. He was tall and slender, around 6'1, a whole lot taller than me. I was only and average 5'6, but my doctor said I might grow to be 5'8... something I wish will never happen. I couldn't ever handle looking down on people all the time. But as long as I was shorter than Cam I was good. I felt my eyes tear up again, as he held me. I thought back to the good times.... The good times I want to remember always... the good times that I can never get back... the times I took for granted... I thought long and hard.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLASH BACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Cam!" I yelled down the stairs of his 2 story classic suburb house "I changed my mind! I want ginger ale instead of coke! Okay"

"Awe come-on Christie I already poured it!" he said frustrated

I walked back into his room and yelled "well to bad! I'm a girl, and frankly I'm on my period so I'm very moody and you don't want to mess with me!"

"You know, there are some things you should keep to yourself Christie" he said carrying a tray of drinks up the stairs and into his room. He set the tray on his bed and handed me my drink. "You never know who might be listening" he winked

"Like who? Your creepy older bro? I thought he moved out along time ago?" I said jokily "besides, you know how I get at this time of the month" I winked back. "By the way do you have the English homework? I don't under stand question 4..."

"Ha! How could you not, I swear your getting dumber everyday you know that, besides, shouldnt you have done that last night?" he turned on his small TV at the corner of his room and turned the channel to MTV.

"I gotta pee" I said and bolted off the bed and headed off to the bathroom at the far right of his room.

"Again... something's you don't need to announce" he said with a sigh and I giggled.

5 minites lateri emerged from the washroom.

"what the hell took you so long?" cam asked "wait... i dont think i want to know"

"your so mean to me!"i said laughing and then threw a pillow at his face. i jumped on his bed and and gave him my best smirk. "besides you should speak to me better considering you've loved me since we were born" i winked

"in your dreams, you can keep thinking that if it makes your self esteem rise. besides we have to go back to school in 15 mins. i hate how school shortened the lunch period by 10. so drink quickly" he said and handed my back my drink and turned the tv off. he walked over to his desk infront of his large window, and began stuffing books into his backpack.

"you still never helped me with english though" i said with apout "and i have it 3rd period... so thats right now!"

"you see me 24-7, you couldnt have asked me last night?" Cam then put his bag over his shoulder and and took my empty glass. " its alittle late now, grab your things and lets head back"

"fine..."i grabbed my bag and headed down the stairs after him.

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