Chapter 3 || No Idea

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I walk into the cafeteria, for lunch, I look around and realize I don't have any friends.

"Akamori!" I hear someone yell out to me.

I look around and see Kirishima and Kaminari gesturing for me to come over.

I walk over to them.

"You can sit here if you want to," Kaminari says showing me an empty seat at their table.

I take a look who else is here. I see screamy, A black-haired guy, Kirishima, and Kaminari.

"Bakugo," I say asking his attention.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!" He screams.

"I was going to ask you if you could not scream in my presence," I say.


"The only reason I did that was that you were screaming. And I'm asking you to not because after 6 years of complete silence my ears have gotten sensitive." I explain to him.

"Wait. 6 years of complete silence??" Kaminari says.

Shit, I just told them that. I have to play this normal.

"Yes, did I stutter?" I ask normally.

"How can you have been in complete silence for that long?" Kirishima jumps in.

"You will be staying here. I advise you to not disobey orders." A man in a military uniform tells me.
"Now turn around," I look at him confused. "I thought I said, TURN AROUND."
I quickly turn around and something gets put over my eyes. I can hear a lock click.
"This is your cell."
I get thrown on the ground.

"-RI, Akamori, snap out of it," Kirishima says, in a panic.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Well, you just kind of zoned out in the middle of our conversation. Are you okay?" Kaminari asks concerned.

"I'm fine, excuse me," I say getting up and walking to the girl's bathroom.

That was my first day at the military base. I lean with my back against the wall and slide down to have my knees against my chest.

That is when one pain ended and another started. Why did I have to remember that? I wanted to leave that behind and never look back.

I hear the bell ring and I quickly wipe away a tear that rolled out and changes back to my always emotionless face. Then I throw away the food from my bento.

I wasn't hungry anyway.

I make my way back to the classroom and sit down. Kirishima turns around to talk to me, but.

"I HAVE COME THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE NORMAL," All Might yells coming through the door. I manage to cover my ears quickly

"Today you'll be having battle training. And for that, you will need your costumes." All Might says as numbered boxes slide out of the wall.

I see almost the entire class go wild, instead of screaming happily I just keep calm and keep my always emotionless face.

I take my box, number 9 and walk to the girl's locker room. I see everyone put one their costumes and all of them are so colourful compared to mine.

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