Ch. 2 | Arrival

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Just in case I make chapters that focus on one of the other avengers instead of Hanji, I'll make this distinction now. The person who's name is in the center of the story in bold is who will be thinking if there are italics, even though it's in third person.


Hanji Zoe

The sky was still dark, Hanji noted, getting up to her feet. She was dizzy, and her vision was blurred, even with her goggles on.

I'm really vulnerable. I need to find some cover. There could be titans-no, something even worse than titans here.

From her research, a pocket dimension existed in the dimension she came from. It was just sealed off to the rest of the world. Until now.

Distantly, she heard a roaring sound, fast and angry. She turned, and there were huge structures, taller than any building she'd ever seen. Some looked as if they were made from glass. The roaring had come from a silver vessel of some sort, and inside it were people. It wasn't a carriage, but it looked to be made for transport.

She began to walk, looking to people who were bypassing her on the street. Some looked at her, well, no, some looked at her eye-patch, but that wasn't unusual.

If this is a pocket dimension, then it's nothing I've ever theorized. It's meant to be a mirror of my dimension, not something so completely different.

If the dizziness the was experiencing before was bad, that was nothing. She saw glares of flashing light, and saw a projection of a sort on another tall glass building. The silver things-no, they came in different colors- the loud things whirred by her.

Even though it's night, it's so loud. But this is incredible! Overwhelming, yes, but incredible! Who knows what we'll find here.

Her right leg gave out on her unexpectedly. Well this is inconvenient. Her left leg followed her right in tow. She felt a numbness creeping up her leg, and felt the all to familiar 'am I going to die' feeling tug at her heart. She ignored it. 

Her vision was so blurry now that it was hard to see, and sounds melted against each-other, forming a cacophony of unfamiliar, sickening sounds. Distantly, she could see that she was flat out on the ground.

Get up, Hanji! Come on!

But her slurred jeers gave way to nothing but darkness. Even then, she could have sworn she saw the face of an eye-patched man staring down at her.

She would have thought, but her mind had gone still by then.


When she came to, she noticed her goggles were gone. Her eye-patch was left on, but her 3DMG gear was missing.

Are they Marleyan? That couldn't have been Marley, could it? Well, not going to rule it out. It's a possibility. 

She was sitting in a chair, upright, a black belt chain keeping her in position. She knew what type of a room she was in. 

Bright, white light. Chained up. Someone she hadn't thought about in a long time popped into her head.

"It's your turn. There's an order to these things. Perhaps it's a law of human nature. When one's time is over, another must take over the role they used to play."

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