[ch. 11] calm yourself, vacker.

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hey guys!

couple things I want to address before we get started. 

1) so I really want Shannon to make Keefe, like, the supportive best friend (if sophitz happens). I don't know if this is just me, but there's like, overall, 5 moments that scream best friends for Keefe and Fitz. they're a great pairing but Shannon's not really making them seem like besties. this really irks me. I don't know if any of you have read "The Bad boy and the Tomboy" but like I want Keefe to be annoying and supportive to Sophie and Fitz the way Caleb is annoying and supportive to Sam and Macy.

2) I've kinda been hit with this new story idea- hear me out. what do you guys think about a Keefe x original character story? the other pairings would be: Sophie x Fitz, tam x biana, dex x Marella, and lihn x Wylie. but here's like the general idea: Sophie and the squad head to alluveterre, like in neverseen. basically, when they arrive, a girl is there, and introduces herself as [name to be decided]. she's a member of the black swan. sophie knows her from her human life and shit goes down and then Keefe takes an interest in her and they flirt and have a good time. would you guys read that? 

alright I'm so sorry for that. have fun!

"I can't believe this is happening!" Biana squealed, running around and fumbling with her many make-up items. Sophie sighed, whilst Lihn helped Biana. 

The day had finally come. Sophie and her friends had decided that they had to go to the Matchmaking office at some point, so why not today?

The logic was trash. 

Sophie really didn't want to do this, but with the way everyone around her was freaking out and squealing, (yes, everyone except Sophie was squealing. Even Tam, who threatened to do some weird Shade stuff if they told anyone) she decided it wouldn't be too bad.

Cue, about six hours later, the result.


It's like her life flipped upside down and twisted and crushed. 

What in the hell was she supposed to tell Fitz?

"I'm sure there's no reason to worry!" Juji and Brisa said at the same time. The matchmaking office ladies were kinda weird- but then Sophie realized she was probably the first elf to become "unmatchable."

"We'll contact the Council immediately!" Brisa said.

Great, now the Council would know she's five times more of a freak than they thought she was.

Deep breaths, Sophie. Calm yourself

She offered Juji and Brisa a tight lipped smile. It wasn't their fault- they were really nice, actually.

So she got up, and left. 

She passed door after door after door, until she finally saw the happy faces of her friends.

"How did it go?" Lihn asked her.

"Uhh, great?" Sophie said, smiling.

It went anything but.

At this point, Keefe was doing this weird dance thing, and they had to get out of there before people started throwing their shoes at his head.

Sophie took another deep breath. 

She'd wait for the Council. She wanted to hear what they would say.

Then she'd break the news to Fitz.

She was unmatchable.

She was abnormal.

Keefe's voice snapped her out of her daze.

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