*Anthony's POV*

I had forgot my phone so I went back to Tiara's house. I heard yelling as I was walking toward the door. When I reached the door the door opened and Trey walked out looking at me.

"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT NIGGA?" Trey said angrily.



Inever did like him. He shoulder checked me and thats when I lost it. I pushed him,and me and him started fighting on the grass.


*Tiara's POV*

I heard yelling outside my door and that's when I saw Trey and Anthony arguing. Then all of sudden I see Trey bump Anthony and Anthony punch him. I stand their in terror not knowing what to do. I am just so scared. My momma always told me if I see a boy fighting with another boy not to get into it. Then I start to hear cop sirens,Two cops get out and they arrest both of them. I sit there waiting on a call to come and pick them up. I finally get a call,but the call is from someone I didnt expect.


*Trey POV*

I sit here in this jail cell with some fucking weird ass people. I sit there and wait untik they say I can use the phone. I'm glad I get to wait because I dont know who to call,I dont know if I should call Tiara or Mayla. Mayla was their for me the night I broke it off with Tiara. I had called her to talk but I made a bad decision.

*FlashBack that night*

I got in the car and called Mayla.



"Hey,baby can I come over to talk to youu?"

"Yeah,Is everything Okay?"

"I'll tell you when I get their"



I drive to mayla's house then get's out of my car and walks to her door. Shes wearing a robe when she opens the door and All I can do is my bite my bottom lip. She takes me up stairs and I sit on her bed. I tell her everything that happened with me and Tiara and she listened. Then Mayla started to rub my back and kiss my neck. I started to get hard and I turned around and started to kiss her laying her down on the bed. All I could think about at that moment was how I miss touching on her body. I took her robe off and realized she only had panty's on and I started to beat her cat up. When I came I laid there   looking into her eyes. She told me she loved me,then I didnt say anything. She told me to get out and that's when I remebered how she cheated on me 3 times. I screamed at her and said the only reason I didnt say it back is because i dont love you anymore,I love A woman named Tiara, and if you loved me you wouldnt have cheated on me . Mayla screamed back and said You know what you dont love Tiara because you wouldnt have been here if you did! I put my clothes back on and grabbed my stuff.


And sat in my car and that's when I tried to call Tiara but she didnt answer. I guess when I went over there today I was still mad and I called her the wrong name. I regret doing that,all of this. They finally called my name to go back and make a phone call. I called Tiara and asked her to bail me out.


*Tiara's POV*

The call came from Trey and so I went to go pick him up. When I got their he smiled at me.

"Where's Anthony?" I say curious.

"I saw him leave with Cassie"

When he said that my heart sank, Ever since they got back from being kiddnapped she started asking weird towards me. Maybe my Bestfriend likes him. I hope I'm wrong.

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