The Christ Child

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All hail to a noble Saviour of low birth
who lies in a cradle surrounded by beasts.
The chants of Joy and gladness from all the earth
mark his lowly birth with wonderful feasts.

All hail to our Lord whose lowly birth brings hope
to the rabble, elite, priest, friar and Pope.
The seed of David who is sure to set men
free from the bondage of sin's evil omen.

All hail to our meek and gentle Christ child
whose child-like moods are ever temperate and mild.
The gift to a virgin who never once bore
childish petulance from a child to adore.

All hail to a great and charming infant King
of whose lowly birth all kingdoms on earth sing.
Men of every tribe and tongue come to adore
the Christ child who will their dignity restore.

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