One Direction Special Awards Nominees- September 2012

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These are the special awards!

The categories are:

Best Cover

Best/Most Unique Plot

Best Title

I will nominate the people in these categories based on who I think deserves it :)

There will be three people per category, and again, for this one, the people will decide who wins!

Whoever gets the most votes is 1st place, then 2nd place, and the least amount gets 3rd place :)

That way, there are no losers!

The prizes are the same bad ones that are in the regular awards- I'm too lazy to retype them...

VOTING FOR THIS IS ONLY OPEN TODAY! So, make sure you get your fans voting, because it ends tomorrow ;D

Winners in these special categories will be announced with the regular ones tomorrow in the "Book of Winners" as I like to call it :)

Good luck to all, and I'll be sure to stop by and leave a message if you were nominated!!! <3 xx

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