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** Tara Knowles doesn't exist, only Wendy in this story ***

Jolene Marie Alexander was the best OR surgeon in all Of Texas. But when the option to get out of San Antonio, she took the opportunity. It wasn't that she hated it there. Because she didn't, nothing could ever make her hate somewhere she loved. It was who, was there and who wasn't. When her baby brother goes missing and her ex boyfriend turns out to be a crazy person, she decides a move wouldn't be so bad after all.

Charming, run by outlaws.  Jolene has no idea what she's about to get herself into. She wasn't always who she is now. She wasn't always paranoid. Scared. Alone. She used to be a bright college student who had the entire world at her feet. Who loved meeting everyone, being friends with everyone. Now she's just a shut off woman. Afraid to open her heart because the last man destroyed her.

So here she is. Jolene Alexander, brand new in charming.

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