Chapter 3:Duel Fight

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-A day after Boruto returned to Konoha-

Normal POV

Sarada woke up early and prepared herself in the morning. She thought Boruto would end up late, as he did in the past. 

So, imagine her surprise when she saw the blonde leaning against a tree trunk with his sister, talking. As she walked towards them, Boruto noticed and grinned.

"I thought you'd be earlier. Looks like I'm doing better than you so far~" Boruto teased. Sarada chose to ignore the question by asking another question.

"Well, you're here early. You've changed a lot, haven't you?" 

"Well, Master was, as I said yesterday, very strict. If I was late to the training for 1 minute, I would be punished by doing 30 push ups." Sarada cringed at the picture. It was not pretty. 

"Yeah, pretty brutal. But, I did help me get stronger, so I have to thank Master for that." Boruto replied, a smile creeping up his face.

'Idiot.' Sarada thought absentmindedly.

"Alright, alright. It's only been a day and you both already start to flirt. Now, as proposed yesterday, you both will have a battle of strength and I'll be witness, in case anything bad happens." Himawari explained, not at all ashamed by what she said. 

"Okay, one, we are friends. Two-" Boruto was interrupted by Sarada.

"Let's begin!" She exclaimed impatiently. Boruto merely rolled his eyes and got into position and so did Sarada.

"Ready to lose?" Boruto asked playfully. 

"To you? That would be hell." Sarada replied. 

Himawari smiled seeing the two chat. "Okay, let's start. Three, two, one. Begin!

"Sarada started the battle with her Taijutsu and punched Boruto several times. Boruto merely dodged them and in defense, tried to kick her. 

"SHANAROO!" She blocked his kicks with her arms and punched back with a Super Punch.

Again, Boruto dodged the punch, letting Sarada hit a tree, which cracked into pieces. 

'She's gotten stronger.' Boruto thought as he continued to dodge.

Sarada made hand signs 'Raiton: Lightning Spheres', which Boruto replied with 'Fuuton: Gale Palm'. (Lighting is weak against wind). To add to the attack, he weaved 'Suiton: Water Cannon'. Using her Sharingan, Sarada copied his moves.

Splash! Boruto quickly jumped and attempted to punch Sarada, but she was nowhere to be seen. Realizing what happened, he took out a kunai and cut one of his fingers. In a snap, he was released from her Genjutsu. 

"You realized, huh?" Sarada sneered, running towards him."I did." Boruto replied, not moving. He was brought down with a kunai held against his throat.

"You won. I surrender." Boruto groaned, lifting up his hands as a sign of defeat. 

Sarada merely smirked. "Hah." And got up.

Himawari clapped her hands in amazement. "That was amazing, Nee-chan,Onii-chan!"

"As good as that was, I have to go to the Hyuuga Resident now, Aunt Hanabi is waiting for me. See you later!" And cheerfully walked away. 

"So, Konoha Burger Paradise? I haven't had that in 2 years." Boruto suggested, his stomach rumbling. 

"Yeah sure, I'm starving after that fight." Sarada agreed, rubbing her stomach. 

"Let's go then." Boruto suggested, and the 2 walked together, side by side.

Sorry for the short fight. I'm not used to writting a fight scene. I will try to improve it next time. See ya.

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