{g.d} video games

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"FUCK AHH WHAT" you hear Grayson and his mates yell at his tv screen. He was playing fortnite.

Recently you've been feeling left out. He was always playing games and with friends.

You sigh to yourself as you get up and decide to make yourself and the boys dinner.

"yes come on come on come on, YES!" You hear the boys yell. It was really hurting your ears and you had a headache from it.

After about 45 minutes your chicken, potatoes and vegetables were done.

You go up to the tv and where Grayson and the boys were.

You clear your throat quietly and say "d-diners ready." They didn't hear you. "Guys dinners ready" you say a second time. "GUYS DINNER IS READY, HELLO?" you yell. "Sorry you guys didn't hear me the first time" to issue with your voice cracking from yelling.

"Y/n go away, were playing here. Your so annoying just piss of for at least a second."

"Oh-okay, you say starting to form tears."

Grayson looks up at you and his face turns to guilt. "I'm sorry baby girl, please forgive me, what we're you saying."

"Dinners ready" you stumbles out, looking down and fiddleing with your fingers.

"Okay let's go boys." He says as they push past you.

They finish of and don't even say thanks.

Before walking away your grab Grayson's arm.

"Can we talk?"you ask looking into his eyes.

"Sure, anything for you baby."

"Well, i, I have been feeling a little left out and I feel like your avoiding me and you guys didn't even say thanks for dinner and you have been yelling so loud I have a migraine and you seem to not care about me."

Grayson looks up at you with tears pouring out of his eyes.

"I'm such a bad boyfriend" you hear him mumble to himself as he puts his head in his hands, shaking softly.

"I will be right back." Grayson says as he tells the boys to leave.

After saying bye, Grayson comes up to you and kisses your forehead and rubs your temples while pressing his forehead against yours.

"Look y/n I'm really sorry, your right I have been paying more attention to other things."

"I will do anything to make it up to you"

"I don't want to loose a beautiful girl like you because of me being a douche."

"It's okay Gray" you say swallowing a lump in your throat.

"But it's not ok"

"Okay it's not but I will give you one more chance." You say as you lean in to kiss him.

He grabs your waist pulling you up to his with you legs wrapped around his stomach.

You giggle.

"I love you y/n"

"I love you too."

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