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What if I said I couldn't let you in, the devil would just take it as a sin. Maybe today I'll take the pieces of my shattered heart out, the words you speak are like some toxic compound poisoning me with each vowel. I'm not as whole as one may take me to be, I have limbs falling off one by one, by the end I would've came undone. The pieces of me left in a trail for you to follow, question is can you find them all? You seem to know every step I take yet you keep circling back to retrace your steps as if you're lost. I come with no detour, I'm not as difficult as you may take me to be. You simply need to follow my trail and then sew me back together. Be careful now, prick me with the needle and all your work will fall apart as I run away fleeing from the pain. Tell me exactly what I must do to stop being pricked by this thing that should make me whole. You want in but you can't find the key, you want me fixed but you can't sew me back together... Tell me love what can you do? Must I draw out a map? Find you some glue? Or can it be as simple as fuck you? Let me done with the pricks, and you following me around. Let me be done being addicted to you.



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