Chapter I

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   My father closes his photo album, "And that's the day i met your mother kids" I sit up, "So the stone rumors at school are true?" I ask, "Yes, very true. But sometimes can malfunction, so i don't want you searching until you are at least 14 young man" my mother tells me. "Well i think as long as he is willing he can start, i started when i was 10 and took me until 9th grade to find you" my father tells her "Yeah? Well i never looked, it just heated up that day more, and well I'm glad it did..." my mom says as she hugs my dad. Later that day i head off to school, and it gets a little warm as i pass a certain neighborhood... i begin to wonder who might live there. As i talk to my friends in our first period, science, i feel it get warm again, so i start day dreaming about who it might be, and how i would introduce myself to her when we searched for our other half. I then get interrupted by the class door opening. A girl walks in, in almost all black, and a black and pink shoe and sock set. I see her holding her stone up, so its not touching her skin, and i wonder if it was possibly because it was as warm as mine was. But i cant really think of myself, with this girl, looking like she is Gothic, or 'emo' as my classmates describe those types. So i go back to talking about the possible dissection test coming up soon.

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