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This time you will witness how things get masticated base of Lennon extra ordinary mind !! Here it goes

Lennon easy ,dont freak out,  you need to gather your thoughts !!! Why I am here !? At a room dye by white shaded by blue ,full of students  with a giant comedian and it's only March 21, the odd is  i don't even enrolled at the very moment !! Mom give me a check to enroll , but school casher told me * Mr Lock your check is short ng 400 !! " that the last thing i remembered !!  Tapos ngayon nasa room na ko !! And this teacher insisted na my diary daw ako !!! Are you nuts !!

And What's  wrong about you dimple gurl fixed ba yang smile na yan , pa innocent glance at me!!! What's her name again Miss dalicdic strange surname, tsk another pain in the ass !!! And that giant comedian over there at last row ,I'll maked sure that's the last time na you will maked fun of me!!

My head hurts but tolerable, My maybe i should seat sa empty seats beside dimple gurl !!! I hope she close her mouth ASAP  before she salivating and quit looking at me !!! I should consider na to open ang bag ko and this bluemailman bag!!? is my bag !!? What happen to my black body bag !!!? That lolo gives me wayback last January T.T ang astig pa naman yun!!

And i opened my blue lame bag!!!

F*ck F*ck  what The f*ck is this , is this for real ,my black notebook ako and this is my diary ,impossible !!!  Kahit ipakain ako sa Lion i will never write something to this dumb diary!!! Madam teacher is observing me base of my reactions  kanina teacher some how figured it out na i already found the diary! At madam teacher speak she's sharp even she's  already  70 plus !!! I just concluded base in her appearance , Even pervert dimple gurl noticed it !!! Madam said " Mr Lennon don't be shy bring it out , the diary of course!! so you can calmed you're self down !!!"

I'm dead !!!Dead meat!!! Ahhhhhhhhh f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck what if i tell sorry Madam teacher i don't find any black note book here !!!  Haha That stupid idea dahil i need to read it, to know what happened with me T.T

I slowly bringing out my stupid diary, yes !Slowly !!baka miracles take place before my eyes eh !!! Everyone is waiting and dying to see my black diary !!! F*ck T.T i hate you guys !!! T.T

and miracles do happened everyone saw my diary !!! Yes !! Lame  ones called it diary !! But a man like me who reads novels and manga about adventure and actions called it a journal !!! Yup JOURNAL !!!  My black notebook is a cool journal of my journey  !!! The note book engraves the word My Private Journal!!!  :) hahaha naka hinga ako dun !!! I open my journal and scan some pages !!! And turned the page to the very last page na May naka sulat !! 100 ℅ identical sa hand writing ko even sa comma at period and how the way i write it with passion,  I check  my black 1.6 inc digital wrists watch rectangle in shape it also tells date and weather forecast , today is Friday month/day/ 2010 same ng date indicated sa last page ng journal ko !!!

Month/ day/ 2010

Lennon  4 days ka nang absent _  Friday ngayon first time mo lang naka pasok  !! you lost some of your precious memories but that's not  you're problem !!! Before i tell something make sure no one other than you knows na may diary ka or else i kill you once and for all !!! Do you feel that !! Anyway i called it journal just in case you lost it or someone takes interest to it!!! And worse you suddenly lost your newly created memory!! Lennon unfortunately  you suffered from a kind of amnesia makes you unable to create new memories!! And that's one pain in the ass !! Worse than you accidentally break the principal's car windshield or accidentally broke your p.e teacher nose bridge due to one on one basketball duel by accidentally connects your elbow sa nose bridge ng p.e teacher mo and same reason you transfer to manila school of Rich and gifted and for god sakes don't accidentally killed your new classmate!! Every thing you need to know is in the journal !!  Make sure you find a gurl who makes you remember to read you journal every 8 hours !!! Who trustworthy and not too lovely baka kasi ma fall ka !!  Alam na mo ok!!! You are very susceptible to lovely women

-End- write in this journal something before 8 hour before you lost you're new memories ! And Indicate a person who can trust with time and date so you won't lost !!! Good luck

Miss dalicdic is perfectly matched to the person not too lovely  and I believe I can trust her !!! Parang kilala ko siya di ko lang ma alala :)

To be continued fellas :)

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