salem's revenge

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Andrea POV

If you salen get near on my bf i will do evrything to make you sorry,then my phone ring.who's calling? I don't know i answerd

The call you will suffer first then david will be mine then it hang up

D: who is that?

A:its salem,but how did she git my number?

Stampy POV

I woke up then i saw janine was talking in the phone, i was going to ask her to have dinner with me but i looked at her she looks sad. I got inside and i huged her to make her calm.but she cudin't stop then after a second she was trying to say someting

S-s-stampy somekne post on the youtube,faceboom,and twitter that were officiall!!

S:but who post it?(nervous)


She huged me tightly lime she see a ghost i kiss her on the forehead.don't cry stop..

Dana POV

You will be mine stampy someday you will be mine!! I heard doorbell and i saw andrea and janine

Sorry if you don't understand filipino...


D:Kasi kinuha ni janine ang crush ko,kaya ako naghihiganti sayo.

J:hindi ko siya inagaw siya ang nagsabi sakin na ako girlfriend niya,kaya umalis ka na sa buhay ko..

Then janine pull my hair and slap me.don't ever i mean ever co e near stampy.

Justin POV

I was confused of what should i do should i get back with andrea of be a father with your future wife.

I cain't decide if i could go back or go on to a better life...

  Hi  its andrea here sorry for another short story still getting ideas. Bye!!! My squidnugget lovers

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