Chapter 2

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You- ouch

?- I'm so sorry

You freeze, you think to yourself Cam? No it can't be. You were looking off. Until he bent down and looked at you. He picks up your chin.

? - you okay

You- uh Ya. Your Cameron Dallas!

Cam- haha yes.

You- oh my.... I mean cool

Cam- haha what's your Twitter?

You- ummm you followed me today

Cam- really? You are morgan?

You- yes

Cam looks at you and gets lost in your eyes. He smiles and looks down and puts his hand on the back of his head pretending to scratch his neck. He looks down and he looks at me then looks me up and down. OMG did the Cameron Dallas just check me out.

Cam- I was wondering if you want to hangout tonight?

You- okay *you smile*

Cam- can I have your number?

You- yes... It's ***-***-****

He puts it in and puts you in as Morgan 😘. You smile.

You- so you want to swim?

Cam- ya sure

Cam waves to his friend to go on.

You start walking when you hear screaming. You look up and Madelyn is drowning. You run.

You- Madelyn.

Cam came running too to help. You were scared. You hear your mom screaming. And all the sudden you feel this huge splash on you. You look and see Cam swim toward Madelyn. He grabs her. He picks her up and carries her to shore. You ran to her and grabbed her.

You- thank you Cam so much

Your mom comes toward you both and pushes you off of Madelyn. Cam helps you up.

Mom- how could you?

She looks at you

You- what?

Mom- I told you to watch her

You- I-I was

Mom- no! You were to busy getting close to him

Cam- I'm sorry, I better leave

Cam starts to walk away but you grab his wrist and pull him back.

You- Cam saved her! And if it's anyone's fault it's yours!

Mom- what? How could you blame this on me!

You- if you were a good enough parent, you would have went out there with her instead of been on your phone

Mom- it was important!!

You- Rick is important. The low life you want to make our dad! No! He is worthless and stupid!

Mom- you watch your mouth

You- shut up! I hate you!

Mom- I wish I would've never had you!

You pause and feel your stomach drop. Madelyn is crying, Cam was shocked.

You- bye! I am never coming back home to you!

Mom- fine!

You run away in tears. Cam came after you.

Cam- Morgan wait...

You- what? *crying*

Cam grabs you in a hug and hugs you tight! It felt so good

Cam- go make up.

You- I want to but she hates me

Cam hugs you even tighter. You feel someone tap your shoulder , you turn around and it was....

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