Random update

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Calypso updated her status

Leo I'm sorry but u can't date u


Leo: y not

Calypso: my dad won't let me

Leo: oh ok

Leo Valdez has logged off

Calypso: that was awkward

Nico: weird

Pm between Nico and Leo

A/n um just doing Leico for this chapter

L: wat do u want

N: will u go out with me

L: I've got nothing to lose

N: cool when should we go on a date

L: tonights fine

Regular chat

Leo Valdez updated his status

I've got a date 2nite


Erin: with who

Percy: yeah with who

Annabeth: Percy calm down

Erin: yeah dude its fine

Leo: I'm I missing something

Erin: yeah well have fun on your date

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Ok sort of a filler chapter I know its short next chapter I'll write Nico and Leos date K

Sorry I haven't been updating its just school cheerleading homework

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Ok bye

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