Authors Note

Hi guys. Sorry it's been so long, I just couldn't think of were to go with the story. Please comment you thoughts I love to know someone is enjoying my writting. I'm open to constructive criticism so tell me if I write something wrong. Thanks. 


I was told later that day that the rest of the team wanted to see me. How could I possibly face them? It was my fault that Fitz was in a coma, and might not wake up. Reluctantly I decided that I would go to see them tomorrow, I couldn’t face them today. I needed sleep. The plane would land in a few minutes at another of Fury’s secret bases (he never seemed to run out of them), and I could finally get some much-needed sleep.

         Once the plane landed I was ushered into a small, windowless bedroom. There was a dresser with a mirror attached on the closest wall. I opened one of the drawers to find an oversized SHIELD t-shirt and sweatpants. I laid down in the bed and fell asleep instantly.

         I felt better the next morning, but it felt like a huge part of me was missing like somehow I had woken-up with out half of my body. Hearing people talk about me as just “Simmons” was very odd. We had always been “Fitzsimmons”, a single entity, never apart. Well that wasn’t so true right now.

         The morning past by in a flood of apologies and people asking if there was anything they could do to help me. I usually replied with a “thank you I’m fine.” I’m pretty sure the entire base knew that I was lying.

         One of the many agents bustling about the building told me that it was time to go and meet with the rest of the team. I went to go and say goodbye to Fitz. He still looked pale and pasty, but the buzz of the monitors hooked to his body sounded far less frantic then yesterday, which was a relief.  The drive to the team felt like hours, but in reality it was less than forty-five minutes.

         I could see the Bus from the airport entrance. I had so many memories on that Bus, most of which where with Fitz. I didn’t know how I would be able to hold myself together.

         As the car pulled up to the Bus I discovered that I could not hold it together. But I did what I could to dry my eyes, so that I would not look like a total wreck when I got out of the car. The hanger door was open and standing inside I could see Skye, Coulson, May, and Tripplet. I sighed and stepped out of the car.

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