*Alex's P.O.V.* - ( Prologue)

I ran out the door, my paws thudding violently against the ground.

I run, till I come across the known area I've grown immune to over the years. My paws sink into the muck as I walk up to my spot beneath the trees and right where the stream meets the land.

I lay down, my upper half in the water, my lower half on the land.

I regret what I've just done. I just exposed my true colors to my father, the one who I despise with a great passion.

He wasn't supposed to know what I am. I am supposed to be a secrete to society.

I rethink back to his horrid facial expression when he seen my white wolf sprawled out across the ground where I was originally laying.

I let out a wolfy sigh and count backwards to five, trying to calm myself and wolf down.

I thought back to her death. My mothers to be exact.

My father blames me for her death, hence the reason he gets drunk almost every night and beats me bloody.

He blames me for her death, even though I was only seven when it happened.

I'm now eight teen years old, and the day she died still shakes me up.

Apparently, she was found dead in the bathroom by me father, who came home from work to find her himself.

He called my friends mother, telling her to have me stay down the street since my friend only lived a few houses down.

I remember her tearing up over the phone, and she kept looking at me helplessly.

I knew something wasn't right. I left my friend and her mother behind in the living room to go to the "bathroom', but instead, I ran towards my house.

I seen police and ambulances covering our section of the road.

I stopped near our neighbors yard, climbing up their Oak tree.

I sat on the branch, wiping tears away as two men in white went into the house with a stretcher, only to return with a body in a black bag.

I knew it was my mother right away.

My father was sitting on the porch outside, sobbing into his hands. I climbed down the tree and ran into the woods near my house, running into the stream to sob.

I remember seeing a black wolf with dazzling amber eyes watching me from yards away, watching intently at my crumbling figure.

I sat there for two hours, crying that day. Since then, I come here to relax in my thoughts from reality.

Sometimes though, I feel the presence of that same wolf near by. As I thought of that story, my head became light.

I felt dizzy, and the water around me was turning warm slowly. I looked down into the water, only to see it faintly red.

There were markings on my wrist from his tight grip, his nails puncturing my wrists rather deeply.

The cuts from yesterday night were re-opened, pouring blood like wildfire. I felt my body tremble slightly, and I sunk deeper into the muck and water.

Minutes later, my vision went black and blurred.

*Author's Note*

Yo' guys!

Thanks for the reads, it really means alot.

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