Chapter 6

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Wasted by Tiesto was playing right as Wren parked into a space at the airport. It was crowded today,I mean it's always crowded, it is New York after all. Wren and Josh take out the luggage, a total of 3 big suit cases, 2 duffle bags, and 2 backpacks. "You guys sure do need your clothes," Wren mumbles under his breathe as he closed the trunk to his Mercedes.  "Well you know we kind of need clothes..."I say, I was gonna add, "what are we suppose to do walk around naked", but then I would know that it wouldn't be the best idea to say that. 

The only person that knew that I was saving it was Jennaka and I guess you could count my mom. 

As we went threw the doors of the airport the rush got to me, 7 am was not early for this city whatsoever. As we stand in infinite line to get our boarding passes and check in our bags, I notice a little girl that was in front of us, she was probably only 4 years old, she was sitting on the floor drawing something on a Hello Kitty notepad, her mom was next to her. The drawing looked like a happy family, with butterflies, hearts and smiley faces surround 3 people, The girl then showed her mom the drawing and said, "Mom,look this is our family," she points to the man she drew,"and that's Daddy, maybe if I show this to people here they might know where Daddy is." I started to tear up, I couldn't help it. Here is this 4 year old that has hope that her Dad is going to come back, when he is clearly not, I look at the girls mom who is obviously mixed with emotions, "No honey, Daddy's gone, nobody is going to find him." The little girls expression changes to sad and her eyes fill with tears. But she doesn't say anything, she just leans against her suitcase. 

Her mom looks up at me and I give her a weak smile,she smiles back,we both knew what it was like for a father to leave and never come back. Josh nudges me breaking me away from my little world. "Hey, you OK?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little tired." I say, it was kind of true.

"Ya me too, don't worry Julia, we will be skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean any time now." he says smiling. 

"Right." I say laughing. 

I try not to pay attention to much to the mother and her daughter, I just check all of my social media, I even check Twitter, which I never do. The line eventually gets to us, we give our bags, and get our boarding passes and then proceed to security.  Wren wishes us luck and leaves. Josh checks his phone and frowns. 

"Is everything OK?" I ask him.

"Yeah, everything's fine," He replies smiling at me and putting his phone away. 

"Okay." I say, I take his hand into mine and squeeze. 

He looks at me and then gives me a kiss on the cheek and the rest of the wait we talk about the next 3 months. 

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