who said who name

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I woke up to a sleeping roc royal and his arms wrapped around me I smiled so big I finally got him ever since 7th grade when they came out I mean I was on ray then I saw princeton then prod and roc was more friend material then he got older then he start getting fine  and he was real . I looked up at him  I but my bottom lip and then I kissed him he woke up with big eyes

roc:girl don't do that

nish:or what

to: fuck you mean or what we going to have a recap from last night

nish:you didn't do shit good

roc:girl I beat the p up up I had,you saying my mother fucking name befor we even started

nish:boy stop

roc:girl stop flexing you know all you heard was you saying my name

nish:no boy that was you when I got to riding yo ass all you heard was my name

roc:girl hold on ray yall who was,saying who name last night

ray prince ej  prod :you was saying her name

roc:noooo I was,not hold on pause

Roc:A miriya who was saying who name last night you know you wrote the shit

mir: you was saying her.name

roc:what the fuck ok  resume

ray:ha ha bitch ass nigga

roc-this a bitch

sorry its short got to do somthing eles hope you liked it comment vote

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