Chapter One

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It was a bright sunny day, a nice small breeze, summer break had just started. Y/n and I decided to plan a day where we all go to the beach, in celebration to our last summer vacation before we graduate high school.

We all ran out of our cars and threw our shoes off while we ran in the hot grainy sand, racing to get to the cool ocean current. No one cared to take off their clothes before they jumped in, it's the first day of summer break, who cares?

Once we got in it was like heaven. All out stresses washed away, as the water was sucked back, away from the shore.

We were just normal teenagers, having fun. Something everyone deserves to enjoy. A lot of teenagers nowadays wished they could forget all about highschool and enjoy their life after that. But not us.

We cherish these moments while we have them, because after these last few years, there is no going back to this. After these last few years, we are forced to crawl into the real world and face real life problems, caused by the people who wanted to forget all about highschool.

"Stop it Finn" y/n laughed as she fell under the water, from laughing so much. Ayla and Sophia had been great girlfriends for y/n since she moved here three years ago. I fell in love with her the moment I layed eyes on her.

"Come on Finn, you gotta be easier on her man." Wyatt stated, laughing at y/n's attempt to stand back up, but every time the water kept nocking her down.


"Finn, get up, we have a show in two hours" Jack said, shaking me vigorously.

I woke up and tried to figure out where I was. "We are at the venue already bud. Another one of your dreams I'm guessing?" He asked, ready knowing about the dreams I have had since y/n has gone missing.

The last time anyone has heard from her was me, and that was my birthday present, that she mailed to me and a withdrawal of 300 thousand dollars from the bands bank account.

I told everyone what happened and we called the cops and they went to go look for her but no one was able to find her. After looking for her for 3 months they closed the case. No one found a body so she could still be out there, somewhere, just lost inside herself.

I know the day she comes back home and shows up at her front door, everyone will be so surprised because everyone thinks she is dead. But me? I know for a fact she is still out there, trying to find herself.

Although she told me if she wasn't home on a certain date, to tell everyone to look for her no matter what, they wouldn't listen, but I know she is okay. I know she will come home one day, I'm not sure when, but she will.

And until then, I won't ever forget her or all the stuff we have been through.

I took a shower and got ready for the show. We still had an hour left before we show time. Our shows have grown bigger and bigger since y/n joined us. When she was on the news, labeled as the Finn Wolfhard's missing girlfriend.

Sometimes I wonder why she left, some days I know exactly why.

An hour flew past as we played Smash Bros, a tradition we have before every show.

Tonight I wanted to try something different. Alya, jack, malcom, and I walked through the crowd in different spots up to the stage. No one realized because we looked like ordinary fans, racing to get a front row view.

Once we got to the front we climbed on stage and everyone screamed. We jumped right into our first song. It was a new one we wrote, that hasn't been released yet.

Tonight I wanted to make this a very special show, celebrating what would be y/n and i's one year anniversary. Hoping that if she saw videos somewhere she would know that I still care. I played all her favorite covers and songs.

After the show, we got back to out hotel room and I fell asleep quicker than ever.

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