call from a judge

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Brian woke up alone in his bunk. He didn't see Katie with him. He rubbed his eyes and stretched. He heard Katie giggling somewhere.

He got up and walked over and saw Katie watching 'impractical jokers' on the TV. Q smiled and laughed lightly.

Katie turned around and ran to Brian and he picked her up

"Daddy that's you!" She exclaimed

"Yeah I know sweetheart" he replied kissing her cheek.

"Hey Brian" Peter the head director said

"Yeah what's up Peter" Brian replied

"You gotta call" Peter said

"Tell whoever it is I'll call them later" Brian said looking at Katie and giving her a Stern look as he noticed she put he fingers in her mouth and he was trying to stop that habit of hers. She smiled innocently and dropped her fingers from her mouth.

"Trust me. Your gonna wanna take this call" Peter replied in all seriousness

Brian sighed and sat Katie down on the couch

"Watch TV Katie.. I'll be right back " brian said

"Ok daddy" she replied

Peter gave Brian the phone and he went to the back of the bus.

"Hello" Brian said

"Hi, this is Linda Santos from Staten Island family court. Is this Brian Quinn" a lady said on the other line

"Yes this is. May I ask why your calling" Brian replied

"Yes. Your ex girlfriend Daniella Cook, set up a court date for you, her and me to discuss the custody of your child" the judge replied

"I'm actually not going to be in Staten Island for a while. Can the date be rescheduled" Brian said

"Unfortunately not. If you choose not to show up. You will be arrested and Daniella will get immediate custody of your daughter" the judge said

Brian ran his hand over his face and was getting frustrated

"Alright.. I'll be there" Brian said

"Great see you than" the judge said. Brian hung up the phone and threw it across the room

"You've got to be kidding me!" Brian yelled to himself

"Daddy.." Katie whispered as she walked to Brian

"Leave me alone right now Katie" he said through gritted teeth.

"But daddy" Katie said

"LEAVE ME ALONE KATIE" Brian said. He didn't mean to explode on her.. he is just angry and if we all know Q, he has horrible anger issues.

Katie started crying and ran to Sal

"What happened sweetie" Sal said as he picked katie up

"Daddy yelled at me" Katie sad crying into Sal shoulder.

Murr looked at sal and sal nodded his head and murr walked over to Brian

"Hey Bri... What's going on" murr asked him

"Me and Katie have to leave.. Daniella is taking me to court for custody of katie" Brian replied looking down clentching his fist

"Hey. Don't worry about it. Just go to the court and be calm. There's no way she would get back custody of a one year old to take care of if she can barely take care of herself" murr said putting his hand in Brian shoulder. Brian smiled and said

"Your right Murray.... Thanks ferret I appreciate it" Brian replied

"No problem... Hey!! I don't look like a f**king ferret" murr yelled.

"Nevermimd that. You need to come comfort your daughter.. you made her cry" Murr added

Brian sighed as he was mad at himself for making her cry.

He walked over to her and took her out of sal arms and sat down on the couch with her on his lap

"I'm sorry Katie for yelling at you.. I was mad and i shouldn't have taken it out on you.. do you forgive me" Brian said to Katie.

Katie hugged Q and said "I forgive you daddy"

Brian smiled.. he than frowned and said "hey Katie.. me and you have to go back to Staten Island for a little bit ok sweetheart"

Katie nodded her head and yawned

"Someone needs a nap" Q said as he picked katie up grabbed on of her bottles and laid her down in the bunk and gave her the bottle and closed thd curtain.

No matter what he has to do, he won't let Daniella get custody of katie. He loves Katie and he doesn't want her in the wrong hands.

*Sorry for a short chapter.. I'll update soon*

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