Foreword by Maester Dante

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I was but a young lad when I joined the Maesters in Oldtown. The 1,200 page history of the Targaryen Kings fascinated me. Many evenings I read how Aegon the Conquerer brought the Kings of Westeros to their knees, and how his sons Aenys and Maegor destroyed in mere years what the man had built. I was left in awe about the long reign of Jaehaerys the Conciliator, and whimpered when the dragons began to die.

However, though the history is long, it is far from complete. There are many, smaller tales that Archmaester Gyldayn did not include in his book. And let's be honest, the man had a brilliant mind but his writing is dull and sleep-inducing.

In this compendium, I will gather stories that lived on in the hearts of Westeros, that only minstrels and bards sing about. Most Maesters deny them, but they are far from true.

In all seriousness, this is fanfiction based on the book Fire and Blood by G.R.R. Martin. The tales in the book are exciting, but the book is written as though it's a history book instead of a fantasy novel. I'm gonna pick out certain details, twist them, add a dash of artistic liberty and turn them into something that's (hopefully) fun to read. 

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