Living Again~ Nine

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"So." I started, "Where exactly are we going for lunch?"

"You'll see." Ethan grinned mysteriously. Ugh, why did I agree to this? 

I rolled my eyes to hide my curiousity. We had just finished doing some more research and were now going who-knows-where. Why does it have to be a surprise? It's just lunch between two friends. No, not friends, ALMOST friends.

Though there was something about today which made me feel more comfortable with him. A little. Maybe because the day had started on a high note when he actually said something nice to me.

When I got to the library I saw him sitting there at our usual spot. He look up from book once to glance at who it was then, as if it was just a stranger, looked down. His head snapped back up in a second and recognition flashed over his eyes.


"Uh... Hi." 

"You look... different." He said as if he wasn't sure if I was actually there. Weird kid. 

"Yeah, I sort of got a 'makeover' yesterday." 

"Oh I see." A short pause as he took it in. "Nice." 

I looked down shyly, "Thanks." 

It didn't mean anything though. I just hadn't been complimented by a guy for ages.

So here we were now, going for lunch since I was idiotic enough to take up his offer.

"Are we there yet?" I asked for the millionth time.

He rolled his eyes this time. "Patience, my friend."

"Almost friend." I corrected him automatically.

I didn't look at his reaction to this because I realised where we were.

"The local park?! THIS is your super-duper surprise?" I gasped, disappointed.

"Yup." He shrugged.

Wait a minute... 

Something in me clicked. About time. "But the park is like 5 minutes away from the library. We've been driving for over 20 minutes!"

"You're not very good at directions are you?" He chuckled, then he started laughing so much he could barely talk without pausing. "I've actually been... driving around in circles... for the past... 15 minutes! It was too much fun to hear you whine about how far away the place is."

I stared wide-eyed at him. I've never felt this stupid before. What the hell was I day-dreaming about this whole time? Oh yeah, I was avoiding awkward silence by putting my head down and looking like I was too busy SMSing a friend. When in reality I was just typing up random stuff on my phone, deleting it, then typing in more random stuff.

"Uh, hello? Can we get out now?" Ethan raised his brows at me, probably doubting my sanity. 

I shook my head to clear the thoughts and got out. Looking around, the place was very lively. There were people on bicycles, children chasing each other, parents smiling and laughing together, teenagers hanging around in groups and couples having picnics.

Now that I thought about it, maybe the park wasn't such a bad place to spend the afternoon. Ethan came by my side and I asked him,

"So where exactly are we supposed to have lunch here?"

I couldn't see any restaurants, just a few stalls selling souvenirs and all. 

He walked along the gravel path in the park, and I followed him.

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