Chapter 4 - Spain

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Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE CHEETAH GIRLS! This is where they meet Angel. Things start to happen. It gets fluffy in here. No harsh stuff no drama. Finally. Lol, and most importantly no sex. lol. So this Chapter is very innocent. Everybody is going out except for two people. Dorthea tells Juanita what she thought might've of happen to Galleria. Please Review/Comment/VOTE! So I can keep going.

In Spain: Where finally here! Thank Goodness that plane ride was horrible. Aqua complained talking to the girls. Well your the one who wanted to wear 5 inch high heal shoes knowing that, afterwards we would have to walk. I know, but they look so cute. She says turning her head to Chanel. Alright you guys we have to go to the audition in like 15 minutes. So we need to head off to Lucs place to put our stuff in the Mansion, and head back to the head quarters. Galleria says holding her hands together. Hoping that they will go with out complaints. Alright we'll go. They head off to the mansion. This house is so beautiful. Aqua says in shock. Dorinda looks around the room like she has never seen anything more beautiful than this. Wow! Lets go check out our rooms and put things in place so we can head off to the audition. We can check things out later. Awe Galleria really? The girls look at her with puppy dog eyes. Yes really. Lets go.

Audition: Hello girls. The guy who runs the contest says. Hello. They all give him a wave, and a nice smile. Sing! He quickly demands. We are sisters We stand together (Galleria) Yes we doooo(Chanel) We make up one big family though we don't look the same(Aqua) Were Cheetah(Dorinda) Sisters(All Girls sing in harmony) STOP! He demands he walks out the room. The girls look at each other like they've just lost. A lady in sliver comes up too them. You all are in. They hand them a form to fill out. She takes the form and leave. The girls jump up and down with excitement for passing their second audition. We can finally somewhat relax now. PLEASE  PLEASE PLEASE GALLERIA LET US !!!! The girls beg. Fine! We can go back to the Manson. Chanel gives Galleria a big side hug. Thank you thank you thank you. The girls calls the driver to take them back. Hey girls how did the audition go? It went well. We got in. Galleria says hugging her mom. Well your in a good mood today. Galleria moms says turning around to face Galleria. Well we did pass the audition. Galleria says putting on hand on her chest. Ahhh! Aqua screams everybody goes running into Aquas room. This room is so beautiful, and huge! Aqua says turning around with a big smile on her face.  Aqua I thought you were afraid of something. Sorry you guys. Go check out your rooms. I love this room! She  plumps down on a soft comfortable chair in her room. GO GO! She fans wanting them to go check their room out. I like this room Galleria says putting her things down. The wall is zebra strapped with dark red paint along with one black wall on the side of it, and the other dark purple which matches it. I'll take this one. Galleria says putting her suite case on the bed. As for Chanel and Dorinda they love their rooms. Everybody come into the living room please. Luc asks nicely. I hope everyone is enjoying their time here. Hmm hmm Aqua says shaking her head up & down. Yes we are. Galleria answers standing up. I would like for you all to meet someone.  Angel. Angel comes out into the  room to meet the girls. Hello. He says to them giving them a wave. He looks at all of the girls. But the one who catches his eyes is Galleria. Galleria looks up as she notice that Angel is staring at her in a romantic kind of way. The way that Derek did when they first met. Galleria looks down and smile shyly. Hi. Galleria says too him. This is Angel. Angel will be staying here because his place is getting re-done. I hope this is okay with everyone. Especially looking at the two moms who are in the room. Yes it is. Every one has already picked their rooms so the last room is yours. Right next to Galleria's. Angel is my assistant. Luc tells them. He is a very good friend of the family also. Hopefully everyone will get along fine. Galleria's head is still down.

Angel is thinking to himself: She is so beautiful. Her eyes are so bright and brown. Her skin is so beautiful. Looks so soft. It probably feels soft. I never felt  this way before. I need to love her. I just hope she loves me back. But she doesn't even know me at all. Maybe I should  ask her out. Hopefully she'll say yes.

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